I'm in Kristiansand.


I'm in Kristiansand.

Aug 27, 2016, 2:13:01 AM Life and Styles

Hallo Scandi readers.

I’m in Norway. And I have kind of settled in well. The first two weeks has been hard. It’s hard to get use to everything. I have been a bit homesick. I’m sure it gets better over time.
Like I mention in one of my last blog I don’t speak Norwegian. Luckily Danish and Norwegian are mutual intelligibilit meaning I can speak Danish to a Norwegian and he would be very likely to understand what I’m saying. I have started to “Norwegianise” my Danish. Numbers in Norwegian are very different to numbers in Danish. I have started to try to say numbers in Norwegian. If I say numbers above 29 in Danish I’ll just get a blank stare.

I quite like Kristiansand. It’s a bit small compared to what I’m used to. But I imagined worse. Cities at the size of Kristiansand in Denmark are normally quieted and dead. Kristiansand is lively.

I’ve been received really well by the Norwegians. Better than expected actually. But during the past two weeks I have been asked the same questions a million times.

1: Why are you studying in Norway?

2: Where in Denmark are you from? (typically they will respond by saying they have been there or know a friend who lives there)

3: Are you an exchange student? Or are you here for the full degree?

4: How do you say this ….. in Danish?

Like I mentioned on my last posts. My blogging will return to normal soon. 

Your Scandi friend.



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