My first trip to Denmark as a tourist.

My first trip to Denmark as a tourist.

Oct 9, 2016, 2:13:32 AM Life and Styles

Hello Scandi readers.

So I have been on my first trip to Denmark since moving to Norway. Gosh it has been emotional. It was really weird when the plane landed in Billund Airport and coming to Denmark as a tourist. Not returning home from somewhere else. I’m a tourist in my home country. Try to imagine the weirdness of that.

Another thing I had to get used to, is Danish being spoken by people around me. Even small children speak Danish. I have gotten so use to Norwegian being spoken by everyone around me all the time. So it was really weird to hear Danish being spoken by people at the airport when I arrived, in the TV and on the streets.

I went to Aarhus to visit a great friend who lives in the same building as I did. Imagine returning to your old apartment. A place where you lived during great times. It’s weird to see someone else’s name on the mailbox and on the door of the apartment. It’s weird not to have the key to lock yourself into the building. During my time in Aarhus, a question kept popping into my mind; “Was the move to Norway a mistake? Maybe it was a mistake. I had an amazing life in Aarhus. Great friends. Great apartment. Great everything.” I had to remind myself over and over again I moved to Norway to get a bachelor degree in communication. And hopefully a great experience. That’s the reason for the move, nothing else. I didn’t move to Norway hoping for a better life or anything like that. I know every visit to Aarhus from now on is going to be weird and emotional.

Do you remember when I wrote I wouldn’t miss Denmark in one of my moving to Norway blogs? I was wrong. I ended up missing Denmark. I didn’t realised that until I came to Denmark. I can definitely feel the difference between Danes and Norwegians. Danes are the Latinos of the Scandinavians. I was so shocked by the warmth I felt the first few times I went shopping and walked around strangers. Something I didn’t feel while living here. But after I’m starting to get used to the Norwegian way, I start noticing the thing about Danes and Denmark I miss and love about the people and the country.
Of course the Danes aren’t perfect and Denmark isn’t an utopia. There are things I think the Norwegians does better than Danes and the other way around. There are things the Norwegians does that annoys the crap out of me. But the same goes for the Danes.

I’m going to go back to Norway in a few days. And I’m starting to realise that I won’t see my friends and most of my family until Christmas. It’s going to be some hard days which I’m going to enjoy with my family.

I’ll see you in Norway.

Your Scandi friend.

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