No to dieting

No to dieting

Hello Scandi readers.

The other day I was overhearing a conversation between two guys. One of them said that his girlfriend had lost weight through dieting. She has stopped eating food that contain carbs. I was shocked. Okay firstly I’m surprised that women in their mid-twenties still diet. Shouldn’t they have realised by now that dieting alone doesn’t work? Secondly, what is she going to do when she stops dieting?   

Dieting alone never works. Actually your body is working against weight loss, so dieting might not lead to weight loss.  Take a look herehere  and here

So what should you do if you want to lose weight?

You should be happy about the size you are. I’ve seen many TV programs about weight loss, and they always conclude the same. Yes, dieting might help you to lose weight but if you want to keep the weight down you need to change your lifestyle, meaning more exercise, less junk food and eating clean.

Luckily, exercise is easy to integrate into one’s lifestyle. Exercise could mean walking more, jogging, joining the gym or exercise at home. A little does a lot. Have you ever watched a program about somebody whose weight is 150 kg or more? They diet at first and then when they are able to exercise, they usually go for a walk. And the walk is often really short. However, it works! They lose weight! A little is better than nothing.


You shouldn’t diet. You should be happy with your size. I’m happy with my size, but I want to have more muscular legs, bum, back and a smaller stomach. When I’m exercising my goal isn’t weight loss or becoming smaller in general. My goal is to gain more muscle tissue. Muscle tissue weighs more that fat.

So girls, be happy about yourself and your body. Because you are the perfect you and there is no better you. Be healthy and don’t start dieting.

Next post is up on Sunday, it’s about some exciting news!

Your Scandi friend.

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