Summer dresses

Summer dresses

Jul 10, 2016, 6:33:04 PM Life and Styles

My summer holiday is over. Tomorrow I’ll be back at school. The weather in Denmark is… terrible. But at least I can escape going back to reality and the bad weather by looking at clothes I would buy if the weather was better. And had room for it in my closet. (Note to myself; I need a bigger closet).

Anna Field, Dorothy Perkins and Wallis are some of my favourite Zalando designers. I love most of the clothes they designs. These dress are of their design.


I really like this dress, it’s really cute. I love the pattern. I read in the comment that the petticoat is sewn inside out. But that was the only thing negative thing the buyers had to say. On the model, it put a lot of the attention of the lower part of the body. Which is something I really like. If you read my “What I bought in Norway” post, I wrote that the shirt highlighted my boobs, and I didn’t like that. When I’m having a girls night out, I sometimes meet really drunk guys who feels the need to tell me I have big boobs. As if I don’t look at myself in the mirror.

If you want to have highlighted your boobs then you shouldn’t buy this dress.

I think this dress would be amazing for a birthday, or a casual wedding. I really like that it’s classy. I read in the comment that it fit really well. This dress highlight the waist, hips, and breasts.I love the flowers on the laces. 

I really like this dress, but I think I would have to go all Bridget Jones with shapewear if I had to wear it. This would be really good for a casual girls night out. This shows off everything. I like that it’s sexy, but not in the shows a lot of skin kind of way. It would look great with a black blazer. Or just with jewelleries.  

This is such a pretty dress. Imagine travelling in Rome and wearing this dress. Because of the laces it would but a lot of the focus on the breast and waist area. But if you like me have an hourglass body shape, I think that your wide hips would draw some attention as well. One thing I'm concerned about is the back. You can see on the model that on the back the fabric is a baggy. I know I will hate that especially if I can feel the bagginess on my skin. But it is a loose dress. 

Again Rome scenario. I like that this is in two "pieces". You could definitely wear a slim belt around the waist. I love the polka dots and how simple it is.

Again I would buy these dresses if I had enough room in my closet. And if I was travelling to Southern Europe. Travelling is a good excuse to do some shopping. Wink wink.

Your Scandi friend.

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