Top ten countries I want to travel to.

Top ten countries I want to travel to.

Jul 5, 2016, 11:49:36 PM Life and Styles

I love travelling. It’s one of the best things I know. I won’t add European countries to my top ten list, because I have a dream about travelling to all European countries. So if I add European countries to the list then about 5-6 of the countries would be European.

1: Australia.

I have as longs as I can remember dreamt about travelling to Australia. I would love to see Uluru, Sydney Opera House, Melbourne, Western Australia, and Tasmania.

I have always founded Australia fascinating. The aborigines, the unique nature, the convict settlement, and Australia as a melting pot of so many different cultures. 

2: South Africa.

Since I was taught about South Africa in school, I have thought that South Africa is interesting. Partly because of apartheid and Nelson Mandela, but also because of the Boers and the English settlement. South African nature is also part of the reason why I want to travel there.

3: New Zealand.

I have to admit that my knowledge about New Zealand isn’t that grand. New Zealand was the first country to give women the right to vote in 1893, Auckland is the largest city in NZ and Willington is the capital city. And that is about it. But New Zealand has an amazing nature. Every time I’m watching The Hobbit I always envy the actors and the rest of the film crew.

I want to explore the north and south island, Auckland, and Maori culture.

4: Brazil.

Obviously I want to go to Rio. I don’t think I need to explain that. But I also want to go to São Paulo, Salvador da Bahia and The Iguaçu Falls.

Salvador da Bahia was the first European colony in South America, so obviously there’s a lot of history for a history nerd like me. I guess if the afro Brazilians had a capital city it would be Salvador. There is no other place it the world where the descent of African slaves has perverted their heritage so well like in Salvador.

São Paulo is one of the world’s largest city with a population of about 30 million people. The city is know of its diversity and its cuisine.

5: Argentina.

Again obviously Buenos Aires. I would love to stay in an estancia. I love horse riding, so a stay at an Argentinian ranch sound amazing to me. I’m a wine and beef lover. Argentina is known for both, so I would love to go visit a winery in Cafayate or Mendoza. Learn tango and taking a cooking class in Argentina.

6: Hong Kong.

I know Hong Kong isn’t a country. But it’s an autonomous area in China. Going to Victoria Peak and get a good view of Hong Kong, watching the skyline at night, take a walk om the mid-level escalators, Tian Tan Buddha. You name it. There are many things to do in Hong Kong apart from shopping.

7: Jordan.

Petra, a swim in the Dead Sea, staying in Aqaba and go for a swim in the Red Sea, exploring the capital, Amman. I have a huge love for the Middle Eastern and the Mediterranean cuisines, I have heard that Jordan is one of the places to experience these cuisines.

8: French Polynesia.

I think most people have a dream about going to an hot exotic island. White beaches and  turquoise water. A nice cruise from island to island. Go and visit a pearl farm, diving, exploring the islands.

9: Canada.

There are quite a few places I want to go to in Canada. Road trip in eastern part of Canada with stops in Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto. Staying at a ranch. Exploring the beautiful nature of Canada. Seeing the old part of Quebec City and old Montreal, Rideau Canal, experiencing Wendake, Montreal Botanical Gardens, walking across the Montmorency Falls Park. You get the picture. There are quite of few thing I want to see in Canada.

10: South Korea

I mainly want to go to Seoul and the surrounding areas. Go shopping in Namdaemun Market,  Myeong-dong, and Dongdaemun Market. Vising the Gyeongbokgung Palace, sitting by the Cheonggyecheon Stream. Seeing the North Korean border.

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