What I bought in Norway.

What I bought in Norway.

Jul 4, 2016, 1:06:27 AM Life and Styles

I love shopping, so of course I bought some things on my trip to Norway.

I fell in love with these shorts.

I don’t know normally I avoid strips. But when I saw these I thought “I have to have them!”. I love the strips and the soft green colour. It’s from H&M in Skien.

Again normally, I avoid strips. But this shirt does amazing things to my waist. It unfortunately also makes my breasts look bigger, which I don’t like. But the amazing waist won the discussion I had in the fitting room. It’s from H&M in Skien

These sandals might just be some middle priced plastic sandals. I haven’t examined them just yet to be able to say what they are made of. But I realized the week before travelling to Norway, that I have had the same sandals for about four-five years. It was time to get some new sandals. I found them during a huge sale in Oslo. I first thought, “I really need to save money, so I shouldn’t buy them”. Then many hours and dinner later, I came back to the shop, called Skopunkten (I think) that sold the sandals, and I thought I have to have them.

All the things I bought was on sale. 25% off on the shorts and 25 % off on the shirt. And I’m not sure about the sandals. But everything was on sale in Skopunkten.

Published by Amalie Ingvorsen

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