Why I'm moving to Norway.

Hi Scandi readers. 
No, I haven’t forgotten about you. My life has been quite boring lately. I have been looking for a room or an apartment in Kristiandsand. I have been doing a little paperwork. Hanged out with my friends and said many see you later’s. This weekend I’ll be visiting a really good girl friend in Germany. By the end of next week, I’ll be in Norway. I’m getting more and more nervous.
Like I wrote in my last post. I’m moving to Norway to get my bachelor degree. Now you might be thinking: “Why Norway?”. Norway is a natural choice for me. I have been traveling in Norway a lot. I’m nowhere near fluent in Norwegian, but I have been able to understand almost all of the Norwegians I have met. Being a Dane means, I’m on equal terms with the Norwegians meaning no language test, no fees, little paper work. And I’ll be allowed to write and speak in Danish in the classes and to the exams. Thank you for that Nordic Council, EU and EEA. 
So Norway is a natural choice for me. However I can’t imagine myself living in Norway for the rest of my life. I want to live in some other countries. I just hope this is the beginning of my life abroad. 
This post will probably be the last or one of the last blog written while I live in Denmark. My gosh. 
The blogging will return to normal when I’m in Norway and have settled in. 
Your Scandi friend.

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