Listen, Everyone Is Busy

Listen, Everyone Is Busy

May 22, 2016, 12:32:46 AM Opinion

As we get older there are a number of different things people are investing their time in, whether it be a new relationship, a career, kids, or hobbies. Having balance in your life is essential for your sanity. Very often we have that friend that throws the excuse, “sorry I can’t come I’m too busy.” Hold up..everyone is busy! We all have things we’re involved in, we all have stuff going on. You can’t forget the time you spend catching up with the other people in your life. You make time. If you’re the busy one you may have to be the one to plan ahead and see what people are doing. Life flies by and the next thing you know, it’s been weeks since you’ve made time for your friends. It’s so easy to lose touch when you’re involved in your own life but you have to remember you need friends. You’ve needed these people up until this point, and you’re going to need them at some point again. You can’t neglect the people who have been there for you since the beginning because at some point, they’re going to get busy too and you’re going to turn into the last thing they make time for. Friends aren’t there just for a good time, so you cant treat them like they are. When people continuously turn down plans it becomes frustrating and eventually, those invites will stop. Friendships take just as much work as relationships so you have to make time for everyone in your life, even if it’s a simple text or phone call – your friends want to know they’re a priority. Maybe not your top priority, but still high up on that list. You need to decide what relationships are most important to you. Good friends are hard to come by yes, but as we get older people don’t have time for that “sometimes friend,” and before you know it, they felt forced to live their lives without you because you were never around.

❥ A.

Published by Amanda Christina

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