Aug 26, 2016, 10:30:26 PM Creative

Silence echoes as she stands alone.
No one here to call her own.
Lost in a crowd with no one around.
She cries out for someone to see who she's trying to be.
For lost and broken is she.
Is love enough to set her free?
Free from the pain and loneliness inside.
Removing her masks there's no where left to hide.
All she ever wanted was to make the voices stop.
Stop them from telling her she will never be enough.
Yet here she stands alone in a crowd.
With everyone laughing and dancing on clouds.
If only they would see who she truly is inside.
Maybe they would ask and she could join them on cloud 9.
But no one stops and no one cares for the lonely girl with glasses and red hair.
Instead they ignore her and make her feel sad.
Alone once again as she sinks deeper into her mind.
Broken, lost, and all alone.
Maybe one day she will find somewhere to call home.

Published by Amanda Lolling


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