Time Goes By

Time Goes By

Sep 3, 2016, 11:12:04 PM Creative

It was a week ago today,
Standing in the rain,
Locked in your embrace.
Our final kiss,
Filled with sorrow.
Neither one wanting to let go,
Holding on tighter.
Wishing the other would say,
“We are making a mistake,”
But we didnt say a word.
The moment passed us by,
All we could do was hold on
And cry.
Seven days have passed,
I can still see your face.
Your tears reflecting mine,
Our mirrored pain inside our eyes.
Our love flowed down our face,
Soaking our shirts more than the rain.
How did we end it this way?
Why did we let the other walk away?
Hours have ticked by,
The clock keeping track of time.
With every minute that goes by,
I think of you
And start to cry.
I still feel you,
I know you’re in pain too.
The seconds remind me,
With every tear
Our goodbye was all to real.

Published by Amanda Lolling


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