Weathered Storm

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She saw the storm brewing
The beauty and simplicity of the clouds as they darkened the afternoon sky 
Knowing this time they were out to destroy
Giving her signs she should run and hide
Frozen in awe, refusing to budge
Life has taken more than it has given, but not this time
Today she is taking a stand, proving she is stronger and can weather any storm
As the winds howls and the hailing rain pounds, trying to knock her down, to get her to submit and quit this fight
Try as they might she won't give up his time

She fights back, holds her ground, screams away the pain of the driving rain
Today nothing is going to stand in her way
The storm surrounds her, not letting up
She finds the strength as she reaches deep inside, finds her peace, and shines her life's light
She fights for more than just her life
This fight is for all who couldn't stand and fight
Who were overpowered and lost their lives
One final scream echoes through the sky mixing her tears with the rain, not giving into the pain

The clouds finally part
Letting the sun rays penetrate through
Giving her strength
Rooting her in place
Silence echoes as the clouds roll away
Rainbow emerges, symbolizing her fresh start
As peace consumes her, whispering her name
For she became a warrior today

Published by Amanda Lolling


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