25 Finds That Make You Laugh, Think, Or Just Say OMG, Why?

25 Finds That Make You Laugh, Think, Or Just Say OMG, Why?

Aug 20, 2017, 8:13:22 PM Life and Styles

Overview:  curated photos, randomness, politics, love, art. 

1. Post-It-Note Pump (Beaumont, TX) - But if I use this pump, will God pick up my gas tab?

2. Bomb Shelter (Oklahoma City, OK) - Get a grilled cheese at The Mule and then take shelter here. Maybe grab 2 grilled cheeses...just in case. 

3. White Lies Matter (New Orleans, LA) - Rain drop, drop top, white lies matter in a display box. 

4. Rainey Street Marquee (Austin, TX) - I'm ambivalent. This sign breaks my heart, stomps on it, and then picks it up again at the mention of food trailers. 

5. Star Sand from Okinawa Japan (Houston, TX) - Cool find among many cool finds at the Houston Gem & Mineral Society Show. Fun Fact: Take the sticker off and carry this through any security checkpoint where you have to empty your pockets. Enjoy the bewildered faces of the security guards as they attempt to figure out what it is. 

6. Satan's Paddle (New Orleans, LA) - Sometimes your Airbnb host is devilish with her decorations. 

7. Boutique on Main Street (Fredericksburg, TX) - Well damn, just say closed for infinity while you're at it. 

8. Conoco Sign (Emhouse, TX) - This is one of those glass half-full cases. Either there was a gas station here, or there is soon to be one. Which reality do you chose? 

9. Dopamine Machine (San Marcos, TX) - It's not the Mystery Machine, but I guess it'll do. 

10. Filthy Animal XMAS (Dallas, TX) - This shoulda been a Hallmark card ages ago. 

11. Free Hugs (San Diego, CA) - Rose Canyon Trail trees are extra friendly in a non-aggressive, non-molestation kinda way.

12. Playing Cards (San Marcos, TX) - The King of Fleekiness shall reign. 

13. Wordsmith Payphone (San Diego, CA) - Good news: this is awesome inspirational art. Not so good news: it's on the side of payphone. Who still uses payphones? 

14. Take The Back Roads (San Diego, CA) - Motto all travelers should live by. Even if it takes longer, you'll see more, you'll learn more. 

15. LACMA Sign (Los Angeles, CA) - Like, man. I'm tired too. 

16. Realness (Los Angeles, CA) - All life, all LIVES, are beautiful. 

17. Oh Shit (Austin, TX) - Somewhere on South Congress, a store owner is going to close shop, turn out the lights, and there's gonna be some Toy Story-level animation of candles, some Andy's-gone-type-shit, leaving nothing but glass, butt implants, some coco butter, and bad blood on the floor for whoever opens the next morning. 

18. Journal Entry (Los Angeles, CA) - One of the realest comments in the anonymous journal at the Museum of Broken Relationships, L.A. 

19. Ballet Brew (San Marcos, TX) - Why's it only 3 ballerinas? Why not 4? Why can't it be Misty Copeland Herbal Tea? Who comes up with this stuff anyway?

20. Reckless Love (San Diego, CA) - Capturing the hearts of winos everywhere. Also breaking the hearts of winos everywhere. 

21. Gangsta-ass Wasabi (Austin, TX) - Wasabi, bruh. On my hood, bruh. Don't act like you know, bruh. 

22. Disclaimer (Fort Worth, TX) - Should be on all things ever made, everywhere. 

23. Pop Art Bathroom (San Diego, CA) - El Camino's bathroom is just dope. I would do business in here any day. 

24. Cruel Intentions (San Marcos, TX) - Richard is straight savage. 

25. Frenchman Street (New Orleans, LA) - Make wetlands not war, people. 


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Thank you! :) All taken by yours truly.

Feb 14, 2020, 2:36:03 AM

Love these photos and the witty captions!

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