4 Must-Knows About Marfa, TX

4 Must-Knows About Marfa, TX

Aug 20, 2017, 3:21:12 PM Life and Styles

Overview: desert town, arts installations, mystery lights, James Dean, tacos.

1. Prada Marfa - Not located in Marfa, proper. Don't be fooled! If you come in from the East (US 90/Alpine) you'll drive through the 3 minutes of town that is Marfa, and then you'll continue to drive about 30 miles toward Valentine, TX for this original arts installation. This site was created by Berlin-based artists Elmgreen and Dragset and is meant to be a critique of Western materialism. This luxury boutique time capsule made of white adobe will never open for business and the building itself will not be preserved. (Fun fact: Miuccia Prada herself was involved in selecting the display merchandise.) Since its opening in 2005, vandals and artists have been targeting this building, tagging it and breaking windows. Some conspiracists even say it's a place to lure people in for extraterrestrial abductions. 

Which leads me to the next gem...

2. The Marfa Mystery Lights - Swamp lights, orbs, will-o-wisps -- whatever the case, these lights leave visitors mystified. Ghostly lights appear on the horizon, and they hover, dart, and disappear. Some say they appear to be friendly, but how can we know? Skeptics propose these lights are simply headlights from Highway 67, campfires in the distance, or some type of refracted light illusion. However, there is a sizable band of other-worldly believers. Documentation of the lights is far from sparse, including that of James Dean, who obsessed over the lights while shooting the movie Giant. 

3. James Dean Room at the Hotel Paisano - The room Dean inhabited while acting as Jett Rink in his final film. This historic hotel has gorgeous Spanish and European architectural points, and its bar is like a saloon-oasis for artists, roadtrippers, tourists, explorers, and gypsies alike. I been there, I seen the congregation myself! Besides its beautiful craftsmanship and centrality, I'm going on record and saying the Hotel Paisano has the best bread I've ever had...in West Texas. 

4. Boyz 2 Men Tacos - Not your average music group's tacos. Best known for their breakfast tacos, pulled pork tacos, brisket tacos, and also on their menu - chili and grits! The food is delicious, savory, rich, heavenly. Just go there! 

Recommended Book: No Country For Old Men


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