Art, Graffiti, and the Absurd

Art, Graffiti, and the Absurd

Feb 1, 2020, 5:52:25 PM Life and Styles

Overview: Graffiti Art, Art Deco, Art Sculpture, The Dark Arts

Let's talk about art. 

What makes something admirable? Eye-catching? Awe-inspiring? Worthy of being in a museum versus being on a the wall of a downtown diner? I've seen some street art I would gladly shell out thousands for. And I've also seen museum art that didn't quite have that "it" factor. 

Street art has an incredible online appeal for influencers. Especially for those who use landmarks to increase their views and followers.

Museums still see frequent visitors, and patrons provide donations to keep them afloat. So what exists between this museum-worthiness and street-credibility? Is there even a line? 

Here are some basic questions to ask ourselves as we dive deeper: 1) What makes art beautiful? 2) What makes art worthy of public attention or display? 3) What makes art valuable? As in, do you want that banana on a wall for 10k or not?

Here are some things I've come across in the United States that are artistic, creative, eye-catching, or that just make you contemplate that line between street art and museum culture. 

1. I LOVE YOU wall (Bishop's Street in Dallas, TX). We stood in the street and solicited pedestrians until we found the right person who knew the angles we were going for. Sometimes you can't teach perspective.

2. RIP Robin Williams (Houston,TX). We miss you! This quote takes all the cakes. 

3. My name is Prince...bitch (Barrio Logan in San Diego, CA). Many people stop here to take photos, tag it, and popularize it along with themselves. I'm guilty as charged. 

4. Wonderland Cave Hike (Bird's Nest Hike in Los Angeles, CA). This hike was not easy. The trail ascends very steep biking paths and, by the way, you are uncovering the trail as you go by looking for painted arrows along the rocks at various intersections. Until you come to the big "Wonderland" sprayed in white atop a flat rock. You then descend the edge of that rock using a rope and your own body as leverage. It's a hidden nook, worth the hike in scenery, and you will probably never see crowded time here. People have taken to spray pain the inside of the cave in a full 360 art display.

5. Rock-a-Hoola Waterpark (in Newberry Springs, CA going towards Las Vegas.) Many structures are still standing in this abandoned waterpark, including these beautiful arches. What do you think they are? It's the support for a long water slide of course. 

6. Frida Kahlo Garage (Venice Beach, CA). It's like Frida but also like the Hulk, in a field of daisies with a dragonfly.

7. Museum of History in Granite (Felicity, CA right on the border of CA/AZ). One of my favorite non-traditional museums. All historical facts and items are carved into Missouri red granite, preserved in an outdoor space open to the elements, with a beautiful chapel sitting atop the hill.

8. Garbage Bin Mosaic in the LAB Anti-Mall (Costa Mesa, CA). Complex in its simplicity. This may prove difficult to draw on a flat, black surface. Imagine drawing it on the side of a wavy garbage bin. 

9. Salvation Mountain (Slab City, CA). There's no missing this colorful mountain against a blue sky. 

10. Kill Bill tribute near Essex (San Antonio, TX). Beatrix Kiddo and Go Go are brought to life in a tucked away street off the I-35 freeway.

11. Mayan Creature Court in Barrio Logan (San Diego, CA). You can't tell this is on the wall until you're inside the court. Passersby are focused on the road, and there's a highway right next to the backside of the court. 

12. Dakuato Exhibit at the Dark Art Emporium (Long Beach, CA). I wonder how much this would be priced at if it was in a museum.

13. Letter to Satan at the Dark Art Emporium (Long Beach, CA). $670 for this one. Going once, going twice...

14. CD-Disco Walkway at the LAB Anti-mall (Costa Mesa, CA). Get groovy in this welcome tunnel. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below! Are these things all art? If not, why?


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