Itinerary: Sunset Hike To A Nudist Beach In San Diego

Itinerary: Sunset Hike To A Nudist Beach In San Diego

Jun 14, 2018, 5:45:57 PM Life and Styles

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The Ho Chi Minh Trail in the La Jolla neighborhood of San Diego, CA leads you to a secluded section of Black's Beach under the bluffs of Torrey Pines, where you may encounter a nudist or two lounging on the beach. If you're lucky :) And no I am not nude in the photo above. Lol. 

The trail head is a little bit of an adventure to find. It's literally off a gravel path, behind some multi-million dollar houses, in an affluent area on La Jolla Farms Road. So basically, don't wear anything sketchy, like an all black burglar outfit, because you're going to be walking through a very prestigious area. Leave the ski masks at home for this hike. I recommend wearing workout gear, shorts/t-shirt, with a bathing suit underneath if you want to swim, and bring shoes with traction that you don't mind getting dirty. I've seen people do this hike barefoot as well, but I'm not about that life. So if you have sensitive feet like me, wear some sneakers or even water shoes if you're feeling versatile. 

The people who undertake this hike are normally locals or surfers who are lugging their boards down to the beach to catch some waves. It's not an easy hike. Let me repeat for those who are hard-of-reading, not an easy hike! This is a sandy slot canyon, and the conditions may be wet and muddy, slippery, narrow, and steep at times. The plus side is that it is a short trail. 

So when is the best time to hike? Sunset! Use this hike as a de-stresser from the work week, or hard day, and go about an hour before sunset to catch the beautiful purple, blue, and orange hues in the sky. This hike is also great for nature photographers who want to capture beaches, wildflowers, and sunsets. 

Take my advice, and check out Ho Chi Minh trail if you're in the SD area and needing something a bit challenging but with relaxing scenery. Go find your zen, and maybe get nakie, too. 

Address for trailhead: 9883 La Jolla Farms Rd, La Jolla, CA, 92037

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