What to Do if You're Having NYFW Withdrawals (And You Weren't Even There)

Ah yes, that time of year again. The air gets crisper, the days get shorter, and thousands of models, celebrities, and just plain stylish people take over New York. From what I can only imagine, the days there seem like they would be a blur of cab/uber backseats, dark venues, and constant flashing from all the lightbulbs going off in the street. Now for those of us who have yet to be a part of the grand spectacle that is Fashion Week, there are a few things we can do to keep ourselves as in-the-action and as sane as possible. 

1. Possibly the most obvious, but the wonders of our digitally connected world today mean that we can be half a world away watching models snapchat their way through the most exclusive events all while using a dog filter on their face. This allows you to personalize your experience between models or bloggers and have a really in-depth look at all the shows. Maybe you're a Hadid fan (@itsgigihadid or @babybels777) or prefer the street style snaps of @chiaraferragni, or want to follow Vogue around the big apple. Either way, you will probably get an even closer look at fashion week through their snapchats, instagrams, twitters, etc. Embrace the power of the social media celebrity!

2. For the fashion lover, the true pot of gold is in the shows themselves. Fortunately, some of them will or have been streamed online, available to a wider audience! So kick back, find yourself an uncomfortable plastic chair, turn out all the lights, and spray some Chanel No. 5 in the air. Note: it may also help to have some critical friends whisper their opinions behind your back if you are going for an authentic experience. 

3. Dress for the place you want to be! Didn't quite make it to NYC cause you were stuck at work/school/not invited? Don't fret, just own your city streets like they were made for the bold statement pieces of fashion week. Dress a bit nicer or trendier than usual and it will give you the kind of pep in your step only hordes of street style fashion photographers could give you. Disregard the weather as well as the occasion (in my opinion, it is always better to be overdressed anyways) and rock some new bold looks. 

4. Pickup some magazines and pamper yourself, Plaza style. You'll be the kind of relaxed that fashion-week goers only dream about. 

Hope some of these eased the pain of the fashion week sized hole in your heart!


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