It would be incorrect to say that every top team won this Saturday, even though most did. The single Premier League giant that suffered was Chelsea, and at the hands of their London rival, Arsenal! Although some teams possess similar skills and qualities, it is important to still remember that there can only be one top dog!

Arsenal treated Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium in the way they would treat empty sweet packets: they tossed them aside. Sánchez scored the first goal for the Gunners in the 11th minute, and if that wasn't bad enough, the second goal was netted just three minutes later by Walcott. Chelsea were playing away from home and it was showing very clearly.

After the third goal was scored by Özil, the Reds were sticking out like a sore thumb as they drowned the Blues in their victory and celebration. There is no Mr Nice Guy when it comes to rivalry and this match was proof of that. Bear in mind that this all happened before half time and nothing else came of the game!

Manchester United was another team that gained a glorious win. They defeated Leicester City 4-1, with the first goal being scored by Smalling in the 22nd minute. Then, from the 37th, the next three came from Mata, Rashford and Pogba all in the space of five minutes! They weren't waiting around for things to change, they simply created the rise they desired!

Gray did manage to score a consolation goal for Leicester in the 59th minute, but it was not quite enough to help Leicester recover from their devastating loss. 

Well, all is well that ends well, especially in Manchester City's game against Swansea. City's first goal was netted by Agüero in the 9th minute, however, this was soon cancelled out by Llorente four minutes later. Luckily, Aguero was able to net another goal, by converting a penalty, in the second half, which was soon followed by a goal from Sterling. Clearly, suffering a setback doesn't always mean losing.

Although, it does in Hull's case. Liverpool beat them 5-1, a startling victory in the eyes of many! The first goal was netted by Lallana in the 17th minute, and the sending off of a Hull player meant that Liverpool later scored four goals, and merely conceded one.

Chelsea have been shoved down to eigth place on the PL table whilst Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool revel in top four. Manchester United is sandwiched in the middle at sixth. Although one could say that for Chelsea to drop points against a big team it's not too bad, however, they still need to make up for what they've lost.

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