Even now the Champions League continues to pose a challenge to even the biggest giants in English football. However, not all the teams shied away from their opponents.

Manchester City just managed to grab a draw against Celtic. Dembele was quick to give Celtic the lead with a goal in the third minute. Fernandinho soon equalised for the City but it wasn't long before Celtic took the lead again.

In the 20th minute, Sterling netted an own goal to put his team back at a disadvantage. City weren't making things any easier for themselves.

Luckily Sterling rectified his mistake with another goal eight minutes later! All was forgiven. Even though Dembele managed to score another goal in the second half, it wasn't long before Nolito netted the third equalising goal for City.

All City were doing was playing catch-up! This was nothing compared to the way Arsenal were playing. 

The Gunners defeated Basel 2-0 with both goals being netted by Theo Walcott. He has scored four goals in his last three games! Walcott is proving to be quite the striker this football season.

If there's anything that can best represent the way Arsenal played tonight it's the ball that burst during the match! They had passed the ball just one too many times it seemed!

Tottenham and Leicester City also won their Champions League matches, so it looks as if no English team is being left behind this year.

Manchester City was the only team who showed a real struggle in their Champions League match. Perhaps now they will be a little more humbled in their approach to seemingly easy matches.

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