All Kids of this World: Teaching Philanthropy to the Kids

All Kids of this World: Teaching Philanthropy to the Kids

                        Kids and young people are those who lived for few years in this world, that's why they didn't know too much and are easy brought by the influences around. Even without to much understanding, they can be able in doing what is good to others, it just depend of their heart and of their mind, for we can know who are them by what they do, if it is good or bad (Proverbs 10:20).
                        Since of too little, kids has in their heart egoism and ignorance that must be broken with love and teachings (Proverbs 22:6), as a preparation for what she is going to be, that will cary it until the last day of life, and teaching loving others is the first step where we must start.
                         Love shared to others is a treasure that will make them grow as persons and bring them big opportunities in life, for everything turns good, even with hardships, to whom has a heart loving. 
                         To teach to someone something, first of all, we must be found approved, for, how can we teach something, ask for a person do something if ourselves are not doing? (Matthew 7:5) We will feel better if we can extend our love to others in this world, not only to our family members, but also, to all people that is in needing, even without money, a friendly word is what make more difference in the heart. Our examples will bring to others the power of trusting in us, comfort and security. What we are doing is not lost.
                           The second step is not only saying to the youngers what to do, but yes, to teach the importance, benefits and what fights in doing what is good they can meet along of what they are doing, and doing the same in explain to them that, continuing, is the meaning of perseverance.
                           Games to teach them are always welcomed for they can make everything more beautiful, and easiest to learn in all ages. 
                            "Philanthropy", is the name to "the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations", as some websites can explain, resuming, this is the love expressed in charitable, donations and other acts in favor of the human race. A person that is able to extend the love to others around, can extend the love to all races of the world and much more, for those who has her as enemy too, not for
being noticed by the society, but yes, for pure love, waiting the rewards from God (2 Corinthians 9:8).
                            In teaching philanthropy for the kids nowadays, which the human mind is reaching the state of developing and opened ideas is fundamental for they will be great adults in the future. We know the evil in human heart is growing, that's why, we need of people that really care to one
another. Would you love this one can be your son or daughter? Start by yourself and them, wait for the good answers in your children.


                                                                       ♥ In God, Christ and Holy Spirit ♥
                                                                                           ♥ Ameerah Josiane ♥

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