7 Weighty Reasons to Make an Appointment With Your Dentist

7 Weighty Reasons to Make an Appointment With Your Dentist

7 Weighty Reasons to Make an Appointment With Your Dentist

Nov 19, 2021, 1:02:36 PM Life and Styles

There are a lot of conditions that can affect your teeth and gums. Some of them develop asymptomatically, while others can cause severe symptoms. In any case, these oral issues require timely and proper treatment. In this article, we have gathered seven weighty reasons to make an appointment with your dentist.

1. You have bad breath

Even though bad breath can be caused by various factors, oral issues are among the most common causes. For example, people with advanced tooth decay often have bad breath due to bacteria overgrowth and debris that can get stuck inside of the cavity. So if you have noticed that your breath becomes smelly, it is better to contact a general dentist as soon as possible. Additionally, people who don't maintain proper oral hygiene can also have bad breath.

2. You experience a toothache

Many people who experience a toothache prefer to take pain medications or use various home remedies to ease the pain rather than visit a dentist. In many cases, a professional dentist can easily define the exact cause of your toothache and perform proper treatment. Indeed, you can seek pain relief if you can't see the dentist right now, but you should understand that it is not a permanent option.

3. You have broken a tooth

A tooth fracture can be a quite severe issue, especially if it is vertical or the entire tooth is broken. In this case, the fracture can reach even the roots of the teeth. Nevertheless, it is essential to visit a dentist for examination, pain medication, and tooth restoration in they case of tooth fracture. If you have chipped a small piece of the tooth, you may get a dental filling. In the case of significant damage, you may need to get a dental crown.

4. You have sensitive teeth

If you have noticed that your teeth react with pain to hot or cold foods and drinks, cold air, sweets, and other irritants, it's high time to make an appointment with a dentist. Teeth sensitivity is a quite common issue that can occur when your tooth enamel becomes worn out or damaged. Additionally, if the roots of your teeth are exposed because of gum recession, you can also experience teeth sensitivity. That's why it is important to treat the underlying cause of tooth sensitivity.

5. You have a cavity

Cavities (caries, tooth decay) are considered one of the most common health issues that affect both children and adults all over the world. This condition develops because of poor oral hygiene and increased consumption of sugary and acidic foods and drinks. In the initial stages, tooth decay may develop asymptomatically or cause only mild tooth sensitivity. But when it progresses and reaches the inner layers of the tooth, you may experience a severe toothache.

6. Your gums are bleeding

If your gums are bleeding during tooth brushing or on their own, it can be a sign of developing gum disease (gingivitis). This condition can also manifest itself through swollen, tender, and red gums, bad breath, and gum recession\ Gingivitis can easily worsen and turn into periodontitis if left untreated. That's why it is better to contact your dentist and undergo a dental check-up as early as possible. 

7. You have old dental work

It is important to understand that dental fillings, crowns, and implants can't last forever. They can become loose and worn out over time. This can result in bacteria accumulation, toothache, and many other complications. So if you have noticed that your dental work is worn out, schedule an appointment with your dentist to replace it.

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