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Hey all!

I'm Ameliarose, Nice to meet you all!

So welcome to my blog, well I should say where I will ramble on and on about so many different things, like my love for Star Trek, or how I love makeup and doing my hair! 

But I will also ramble on about the new films that are out and many of the old ones too, I also love Photography and I am a photographer so you may come across some of my adventures with my baby Nikon D3200! Also I am most happiest when I'm out and about, on Road Trips, Camping or Traveling to a new place :D

But you may also come across my sleepless nights where I will probably ramble on and on!

Anyhoo if you are here from the start or just joining welcome to my online rambles! 

Live Long And Prosper! _\\// :D


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