Hey everyone I'm back!

Hey everyone I'm back!

Sep 28, 2017, 6:26:57 PM News

Hey everyone, 

I know I haven't been on here for a while thats because I was so busy at work and traveling.

I do have a update for you all!!

So we will start with me quitting my job because of the manager was so horrid to me! Many of you may know that I am English and I live in Scotland not really a big deal to some but some people still have that "old enemy" when it comes to England and Scotland. While the manager did anyway when ever he would call me over to talk to me he wouldn't call me by my name he would always say "Oi English get here" So I just had enough of it and quit, I handed in my weeks notice but overheard him say to other member of staff that they should get me to do all the dirty job so I just walked out and went home and my god did it feel so great!!!!! I feel so free and amazing for cutting that horrid company out of my life, so guys never work for Mitie and the mangers and super racist!! 

Now we comes to traveling!


Back in August I traveled to the Isles Of Scilly to visit my Uncle Gordon that I haven't seen in 15 years, and I had a great 2 weeks with me, we went round the whole Island, I got to see the stars as the island was so dark at night and the sunrise with the sunset was just so beautiful!!! 

I took the train from Edinburgh to Penzance as that is where you get the ferry across to the island, the train took 10 hours and I had to stay over night in a hotel as the ferry only leaves at 9:15am everyday and gets you on the Island at 12:30pm, the ferry also returns to the mainland at 16:15pm so you get back to penzance at 19:30pm so to get the train home I had to stay overnight again I do highly recommend the two hotels I stayed in The first was the Longboat Inn staff super friendly and so helpful, right next to the train station as well. The second was the Dock Inn staff super friendly as well and right next to the dock, train station is only a 10-20 minute walk so amazing each way. 


I had amazing holiday and I also found out that I am going to be a Aunt as well my oldest brother and his wife out pregnant with their first child, we don't know what sex the baby is yet, but I will let you all know when I do! I can not wait for it. 

So now with this update is just to let everyone know I am still looking for a new job but also planning a holiday with my other Uncle as he got a passport and want to go aboard, but not by himself and he wants someone who travels a lot to go with him and that is why he asked me along, so we are trying to plan where to go as we both have different ideas haha, but I am sure we will make a decision soon and one where we both can agree on! Where have gotten so many holiday books Its unbelievable 

So for now sweethearts I promise I will be updating this page soon and not leave it far too long again much love everyone xxxx _\\// 

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