Mother and Daughter Trip to London

Mother and Daughter Trip to London

Hey Everyone!!

Today’s blog will be about Mine and my Mums trip back to our old home town of London!!.

Friday 24th of March 2017.

So the start of the journey, Me and my Mum left our house and got a taxi round to the local train station so we could get the train to Edinburgh, once we got to Edinburgh we found the platform for our train to London we had about a hour wait for the train.

Our train was the virgin east coast high speed train from Edinburgh it would only stop at Newcastle, Darlington, York and of course London’s Kings Cross, we had reserved our seats facing forward and having a table seat as well, we boarded our train about 11:15am and it left the station at 11:30am

The train ride was just your normal train ride, we did have some people who was sitting across the table from us, I have to be honest we said hello to them and they were so arrogant didn’t say hello back and kept kicking us under the table and didn’t say sorry at all, which made me give so many dirty looks, we were so glad when they got off at York!

Apart from that we finally pulled into Kings Cross about 4pm and so the journey to our hotel started, we only had to walk about 10 minutes away from the station to get to the Travelodge hotel we stayed at the Kings Cross Royal Scott, The staff was so lovely when we checked in and the room was so big for a twin size room as well.

We went out about half past 5 to get our Oyster cards, we paid 5 pounds for the card and topped it up with 15 pound credit, we then went and got a take away for our dinner and had an early night.


Saturday 25th of March 2017.


So Me and Mum woke up about 8 in the morning and got ourselves ready to go to Baker Street, we got the bus route 205 so out first trip with the Oyster card and the fare price was only £1.50, we got on the bus at 10:50am


The Bus took about ten minutes to get us to Baker Street, we went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum and Spent some money and Presents and a Deer Stalker for myself 😀 we also spent about an hour here before we left to get the Underground to where they film the BBC Series of Sherlock.

We got the Underground at Baker Street and touched out at Euston Square it took 12 minutes to get there and we took the circle line this cost us £2.40. When we got to Speedy’s me and Mum had some breakfast and took some photographs.

After Speedy’s we took the bus route 30 to get us to Arsenal FC stadium The Emirates, so we could do some more shopping and its our football team. We spent about 2 and half hours getting to the Emirates and being there as well.

After we were done at The Emirates we returned to the Hotel for the night, we got the bus route 30 and it only cost us £1.20 as we had reached the daily cap, this was at 3pm. We got back to the hotel about 5pm when we chilled in the room went out and got a Pizza for dinner then we got another early night.


Sunday 26th of March 2017.

We got up early again about half past 6 and got ourselves ready again for going out and about, we got the Bus route 17 from just outside our hotel to London Bridge at 9:35am and it cost £1.50 this took us about 20 minutes to get there, when we got off the bus we walked towards HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge so I could get some photographs took some of The Tower Of London, London Bridge, some of London’s Buildings and the top of St Paul’s Cathedral.

After we were done at HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge we went to the London Bridge Underground station took some photographs of The Shard and took the Jubilee line to Westminster, we came out right next to Big Ben and walked to the Changing of the guard and Trafalgar square, we saw Nelson’s Column, The Cenotaph, Women Of World War 2, London Lions and a Fountain. I fell in total love with the black horse but I can’t touch them as I’m allergic to horses :'(.

After Trafalgar square we took the bus route 176 to Oxford street it cost £1.50 so we could go into the big massive Primark shop as we needed to buy a second suitcase to get all the stuff we bought home, we spent about a total of 5 hours out and about on Sunday we got the bus route 73 back to Kings Cross so we could walk back to our hotel, we didn’t get charged for the bus joinery back so that has left £3.00 on our Oyster cards for the next trip!. We got a lot more presents while we was out.

We got back to the hotel about 2pm and decided we would stay in as we were both really tired and our feet was super sore, we got dinner about 7pm and went to bed early again.

Monday 27th of March 2017.

Last full day in London.


So for mine and Mum’s last full day in London we decided to just spend it in the hotel as we were very sore, we both woke up at about 9am, so we made a plan to stay just around the hotel. We bought a second suitcase for all the presents we have bought so we started to put things away in it so we wouldn’t be rushing around on the 28th, we spent about a hour doing this then we went out to the front of the hotel to get fresh air and just sit in the sun for a while.

We went back in about 11am and started to pack the main big suitcase so not to rush, we got the clothes we would be traveling home in, and used the packing cubes I took down to sort our clothes into, after this was done we turned the Tv in the room on and watched some tv.

Mum decided to go to the local Tesco’s to get our food and drink for the train home but also get us some dinner, while she did that I had a shower, Mum was back just as I was getting out of the shower so about 20 minutes, Mum made up some rolls and that for the train and we had lunch and dinner with the other food that was left over, we went to bed early around 10:30pm.

Tuesday 28th of March 2017

2:30am Me and Mum still couldn’t sleep we were dosing in and out for most of the night so we said we might as well stay awake, we turned the tv on and started watching it, we moved the suitcases over and found out the leopard print one was super heavy, so we thought it could be as all the clothes are in packing cubes, we took them out and it made it a little lighter.

I finally fell asleep around 4:30am and my alarm on my phone woke me up at 6am, Mum went to sleep at 5:00 am and my phone alarm woke her up at 6:30 am, we got ourselves ready and zipped up and locked both of the suitcases, we did the final check to make sure we had everything and then we went down to check out at 9am.

We had a right laugh with the staff member who was checking us out and she asked when we were coming back and we said soon maybe this year or this time next year. After we left the hotel we walked round to Kings Cross Station and of course straight to Platform 9 3/4!

Now here is massive tip for anyone who wants to go to Platform 9 3/4 go between 9am and 10am, because about 20 past 10 it gets super packed!!

IMG_1691 2

So after Platform 9 3/4 we had about half a hour wait till we could found what platform our train was on, so we ended up being very bored and Snapchat made us have a little giggle with the filters on there.

We found our platform it was number 4 and we boarded our train home at 10:40am and the train left Kings Cross at 11am.


We were facing the front again and had a table seat too, the people who was on the table with us was so nice they were a Mother and Daughter like us and we told them about what we did and they did the same. Now this train was the virgin high speed train that finished in Edinburgh and it had 3 stops before Edinburgh, York, Darlington and Newcastle, Me and Mum noticed that on the way back it felt much faster then the journey down did.

We finally made it to Edinburgh and got off the train about half past 3, we then went to the ticket office to get our tickets for the train to our local train station this journey took about 20 minutes and the wait on the taxi to get home, we pulled up at our street and got in at 4:15pm.


Our dog Layla went mental when she saw Me and Mum and we were glad to be home!!

Wednesday 29th of March 2017.

So its today and I’m written this blog entry up, I still need to empty out some of the stuff in the suitcases and put this back in its place, but I am already planing a new trip soon :D.

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