5 Best Ways To Engage Your Employees

5 Best Ways To Engage Your Employees

Mar 15, 2019, 6:53:25 PM Business

There are different ways to engage your employees in an organization. Usually, every organization's Human Resource Department (HRD) works hard to find better channels to increase this healthy interaction.

Besides the HRD team, even managers try to come up with newer ideas to increase engagement and development of employees, probably realizing how crucial it is to keep this type of communication going.

Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

Employees need to know what is happening in their organization. There is also a need to create channels through which staff can communicate, share knowledge, and further collaborate for work.

A great way to accomplish this is through INTRANET.

The intranet has enabled this interaction among members of the same company. In simple words, intranet is an internal communication platform or a network that is used within an organization. It is a private network, to which, only employees of an organization have access to.

Let us look at some of the best ways to improve employee engagement in an organization:

1. Create Interest Among Employees

One of the best ways to encourage staff to participate in internal engagement is by making them feel valued. Management should ask employees to contribute content to the internal intranet website. A contribution may be in the form of write-ups, blogs, or even photographs. One can start an online campaign on the portal or even host a photography competition. Anything that brings people closer, a common topic of interest or discussion will also work really well.

2. Enable Mobile Compatibility

With the modern workspace boundaries expanding, people in the same company often tend to work at different locations in the world. A strong internal communication platform will help employees stay in touch at any time and from anywhere. This is could be done by allowing staff to use the company’s intranet network on mobile devices.

3. Offer Rewards

Here is how to increase employee engagement to the maximum - through a reward system. Recognition by way of giving out badges, or awards through an intranet platform will help motivate employees in an effective manner.

4. Allow Notifications

Be it on the mobile or a desktop, if regular notifications are given, it will draw the attention of staff. For example, when a new post is put up or if the company has signed a new deal, a notification bar will pop up, thus redirecting an employee to the network, thereby increasing participation.

5. Enable Intranet Social Media, Options To React, Comment

Another great way to increase employee engagement is to allow people in the company to be able to respond to the information that is shared. For example, if the company has signed a new deal and the news about the same has been published on the intranet portal, an employee must have to option to ‘like’ ‘share’ or comment on the same, just like how it is done on social media

The Bottom Line

Intranet offers a wide range of options for employers to engage actively with employees irrespective of time boundaries. Companies must have excellent and fool-proof internal communication system in place. Regular surveys will also help understand customers and get feedback about them.

Published by Amelie Lawrence

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