6 Best Cannabis-Friendly Dispensaries

6 Best Cannabis-Friendly Dispensaries

Mar 9, 2019, 10:41:55 PM News

Despite the widespread usage and legalization, marijuana continues to be a taboo subject in many parts of the world. With the advancement of technology, it has become easier to even buy Cannabis and have it delivered to you if you look for dispensaries near me on Google. However, it is still difficult to find people whom you can bond over marijuana. Technology has helped the pot smoker bridge that gap as well. Well aware with different kinds of dating sites that cater to different tastes of people, there are multiple dating sites that also help fellow pot smokers connect with each other and also discover common interests apart from smoking up.

Much like a social media network, these dating sites network you to people with common interests as you and also constantly making sure that you meet people who are equally interested in smoking pot.

Dating can be a very daunting idea for a lot of people and with marijuana lovers who are well aware of the taboos associated with smoking pot, for a lot of smokers, dating can eventually become a no zone for fear of rejection. We have compiled a list of best weed-friendly dating sites to make this daunting task of dating, a little easier for marijuana lovers.

#1. High There

With a very suggestive name, High There is one of the most popular marijuana friendly dating sites. An application that is both available on iOS and Android platforms, this isn’t merely a dating site for marijuana lovers. A social network with well researched and fun to read articles on cannabis, catering to the different tastes of the huge number of users that this app boasts of, High There is available free of cost and is a must-have app on their smartphones for every marijuana user. There is information about marijuana business, new research on medicinal properties of marijuana and also people who share common interests as you on High There.

#2. 420 Singles

With an extremely easy to use user interface, 420 Singles is a match making app that is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It is available for free, however, the desktop version and mobile application version both have a very different user interface and are not the same. There is an app purchase involved in the application. Offering a cannabis-friendly dating experience, 420 Singles will help you share the same interest and passion for marijuana with somebody who is as passionate as you.

#3. OkCupid

One of the most popular dating apps that also has a feature where you can filter your searches based on ‘420’, OkCupid’s basic plan is free. However, there are charges if you want to upgrade your experiences with the app and unlock multiple paid advanced features. Given the fact that this is not strictly for marijuana lovers, OkCupid is a progressive dating app for it allows a potential partner the best of the features of both a marijuana-free dating app and one that allows you to add that feature according to your convenience.

#4. Highly Devoted

One of the most effective dating apps for marijuana lovers but the only drawback here is that it is paid. However, given the excellent and constant efforts at keeping it personalised the price for it is worth it. The app constantly interviews the user to keep it personalised. A form is meant to be filled right after signing in and one needs to make a payment while using it for matchmaking.

#5. Hinge    

Most of the dating apps leave the possibilities open-ended. Hinge on the other hand is one of the apps that has been popular amongst people who are looking for relationships. The first three months usage of the app is covered within the trial period and that is time enough for the user to know what exactly are they looking for. The price is then based on the features that you wish to unlock while you continue using the app.

#6. Social High

Available on both iOS and Android platform, Social High is more of a social networking medium where you interact and connect with people who share a similar passion for cannabis as you. It focuses more on making friends online and creating communities rather than being exclusively for dating or relationships. However, like every social network which opens up the possibilities of dating, Social High does have a couple of features who are looking for fellow pot smokers to date. 

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