All You Need to Know About Auto Sliding Gate Kits

All You Need to Know About Auto Sliding Gate Kits

Automatic sliding gates are very useful in today’s world to prevent unauthorized entry, especially in industries, residential as well as business surroundings. Automatic sliding gate proves safety in private and industrial locations. As per the requirements of people, auto sliding gates uses YSR security system with the classy designer control system.

Manual sliding gate system is also highly demandable for heavy duty industries. Hence, auto sliding gate kits include oil bath motor reduction gear with another gear on the ball bearing to prove its durability at the time of heavy operation.

Auto Sliding Gate Kits

Features of Auto Sliding Gate Kits:

  • To ensure that the gate is locked by security or not, irreparable electro-mechanical parts helps at the time of key passing for manual operation while a failure of power.
  • For safety and precise adjustment of electronic motor, a scheduled electronic system has to be made with inbuilt switches.
  • With the help of an electronic control panel, safety accessories help in industries which include optical beam sensors, magnetic card, and various control systems.

To avail superior quality of auto sliding gate kits, one name always comes in mind that is YSR security system. It known for its long-lasting functional area, electro-phoresis and wonderful power coated touch. Auto sliding gate kits have its expertise and great capability to produce and trade through worldwide.

Operation Temperature

(-25º C to +70º C)

Operation Speed


Motor Voltage Rating


Motor Power Rating


Operation Voltage

(220V± 10%, 50Hz-60Hz)

Motor RPM


Environment Humidity

< 90%

Auto Sliding Gate Motor Kit:

Auto Sliding Gate Kits

The finest quality and highest grade of raw materials are used in an auto sliding gate motor kit and people can avail them at the most competitive price.


  • The highest grade of raw materials used.
  • Very competitive market price.
  • Highly effective operations system.


  • 001TOP-A433N, Antenna 1
  • 001BK-P 230V Motor and Panel 1
  • 001DIR-10, Pair Safety Photocells 1


  • 230V A.C. Motor
  • A weight of auto sliding gate is up to 1800 kg

The conventional auto sliding gate kit has a brand-new design, a brand-new control technique, and fashionable exterior design which make the motor more humanistic. The product looks more elegant and fashionable with its electro-mechanical design and appearance. Motor making technique is called die casting aluminum alloy manual and Remote distance should be maximum 50m. Crash proof and automatically restraining socket Crash proof alarm light and socket intelligent automatically increase the temperature at the time of zero degrees or below.

Auto Sliding Gate kit composition:

  • Operator
  • radio transmitter, bi-channel, multi-user
  • external key selector
  • pair of photocells
  • flashing LED light complete with antenna
  • plate to be applied to the gate for the certification of conformity
  • radio frequency card

Areas of application of Auto Sliding Gate kit:

  • Aircraft
  • Automobiles
  • Chemical
  • Hospital
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Engineering
  • Trade and retail
  • Logistics
  • Shipyards

The auto sliding gate kits are used for both residential and commercial purposes. You should remember, if you are sharing a sliding gate in one particular residence then this should be equipped with auto-close features. Also, make sure that the motor that is used for your gate is big enough. Also, when you are installing a sliding gate, always give priority to the safety and the quality of the product that is being used. Without having to manually push the gate, auto sliding gate kits actually enable the electric gate to open and close. It guarantees a totally secure environment with an electric lock and key. We have the control to stop anytime once the gate is moving. To meet the highest safety standard, several safety kits are available.

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