Best Places to visit in Mexico

As one of the most popular tourist destinations, Mexico provides some of the most beautiful, enchanting and mesmerizing beaches and towns for you to explore while visiting the culture-rich region of Latin America. When planning a trip to Mexico, friendly locals, and exciting festivals mention just a few of what this thriving country has to offer tourists. Furthermore, Yucatan cuisine provides a number of ancient Maya inspired, mouth-watering dishes for you to indulge on during your stay. While there are tons to experience in this budding region, taking along a small compact camera will ensure that you can bring your frame-worthy memories home.

Best Places To Visit in Yucatan

When planning an eventful vacation in the Latin America region, visiting Yucatan is highly recommended and there are tons of breath-taking spots to include in your trip. We have listed some of the top destinations throughout this region and provide a few simple photography tips to help you get the most worthwhile and memorable experience yet. While no expensive equipment would be needed for a trip to Mexico, we recommend a small compact camera and our simple tips will prepare you for an unforgettable adventure in Mexico.  


Yucatan is most definitely known for its extremely beautiful Caribbean oceanfront and it may be somewhat surprising to learn that the best waterside is actually located right in the middle of a lake, in Bacalar. Here you will experience the extravagant colors of the water that will surely stop you in your tracks.

When attempting to capture a perfect lakeside photograph, shooting from a low and unique vantage point and use reflection to enhance tranquility to be sure you really are capturing the moment. Additionally, make sure there is not too much wind; remember timing is crucial.


Tulum, previously known as a fishing village, is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations. Offering mainly an enchanting beach and extravagant Mayan Ruins to visit, this destination will surely provide a number of photo opportunities for you to take home.

When considering that no special lighting or fancy equipment is needed, it is a great idea to try unique perspectives and angles when capturing this extensive location on camera. This location is a perfect opportunity for a winning culture-rich selfie.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is another recommended stop when traveling to Mexico. This location speaks volumes of the Mayan Riveria. Offering underground swimming holes and ecotourism theme parks will provide an experience that won’t be easily forgotten.

Capturing memories here will an effortless task, although, be sure to take multiple shots with a steady hand and make use of original angles that are as unique as your experience.

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is just a 20 minute drive from the lands of Cancun and we recommend that you should definitely take advantage of the view of this quiet attractive island. This location offers an escape from the busy crowds of the city which is perfect for a relaxing, well-deserved vacation. It is also an excellent spot for snorkeling, surrounded by beautiful beaches.

This popular destination is ideal for perfectly timed sunset snapshots. Ensure that you make use of a focal point, avoiding cliches for your picture-perfect memories here. Making use of UV filters for your photographs here will greatly enhance the outcome of each image by filtering out UV light.

Planning An Unforgettable Experience

Mexico has a wide variety of cultural experiences to offer tourists that you should definitely take advantage of. Be sure to try their distinctive tasting local cuisine and enjoy their exhilarating festivals such as the Day of The Dead, among many others. A vacation to Mexico will prove to be surprisingly affordable, considering the currency. What’s more, the locals surely are aware of the importance of the tourism industry and therefore, respect tourists with a friendly, welcoming attitude.

Discover all that Mexico has to offer and indulge in every experience. There is not much reason you shouldn’t take advantage of what this region has to offer, especially for your photo album. From breath-taking sunset beaches, cultural street photography, and ancient ruins, your vacation in Mexico will definitely be one to talk about for years to come.

Published by Amelie Lawrence