How wedding trends have changed in the past years?

How wedding trends have changed in the past years?

Nov 27, 2018, 3:22:57 PM Business

Indian weddings are known to be the most extravagant affairs all over the world. It a million dollar market, plus the newest trends are making them bigger and better with each passing year. It involves so many business including designers, caterers, planners, printers, photographers and what not. As India is known for its colorful culture and the best place to enjoy varied traditions, it has become an example of evolution of the wedding culture. The wedding trends have changed in leaps and bounds since past years. They have become fancier and more fun as compared to ones celebrated in the past.

When it comes to the looks of brides as well as the grooms, it has changed enormously. The attires as well as the jewelry have become very much modern but with a touch of traditional elements. Nowadays the millennials want to add elements that are an amalgamation of old and new to retain their family traditions. This combination not only looks beautiful but it also adds an emotion to it. Previously, the attires were more on the traditional lines with heavy embroideries and simplistic designs which were also part of family heirloom.

The weddings in the past were way simpler as they were all about the sacred union of two people and their families. It was all about rituals, simplicity and traditions. On the contrary, weddings now are very much grand with loads of additions that too as inspirations from the western culture. The addition of pre and post wedding celebrations with great music and dance had made the weddings way too commercialized as well as expensive.

Weddings in the present times require so much of planning that too many months before the big day. As weddings have become bigger, it now requires too much of preps like booking a venue, caterer, makeup artist, entertainment and many other important things. Now, there are so many luxury wedding venues in Delhi that offer multiple venues for various pre wedding ceremonies as well. They are decorated extremely beautiful with stunning installations that make your special day even more beautiful.

The rage of booking the best photographer for your wedding is also a thing nowadays. In the past there were subtle pictures of the couple with no out of the box poses and backgrounds. But now, the social media age has taken wedding photography to some other level. Brides and grooms also go for pre wedding shoots that they want to keep for their memories as well as show them off on social media as well. The most loved trend of wedding photography is the candid shots that show the love, merriment and fun at the weddings as well as all the other functions.

Honestly, the weddings have changed drastically, the amount of celebration as well as the cost has touched the sky and people totally love it. The weddings in the past has a way simpler approach but now they have become more than that. We hope the new trends keep on flowing and make them even more colorful.

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