Pallet Jack System: The Best Option For Heavy Lifting

Pallet Jack System: The Best Option For Heavy Lifting

Feb 23, 2017, 7:26:30 PM Business
Pallet Jack is the mechanical device used in warehouses and other storage facilities where heavy lifting of equipment or transportation of such products is done. It is the basic form of a forklift truck. There are many types of pallet jacks, mainly manual, operating and electrical. Depending on the mechanism and principle of working, the pallet jack has its types. The basic principle of working of a pallet jack is hydraulics. However, the implementation of the hydraulics and the jack fork hands depends on the genre of the pallet jack.
Need for Pallet Jack
With the advent of the internet and globalization, there has been a great increase in the demand of the modern customers. To meet these demands, industrialists have taken steps to increase the rate of production. Supply of products is increased to attain equilibrium and attain market stability regarding finance, demand, and supply. However, whatever be the demand, there comes a need to store the excess of products, if any, that also securely. Warehouse pallet racking is an efficient and cost-effective way of storing such excess of production. However, access, handling, and transportation of such heavy material involve a lot of workforces which is detrimental to the profits of business. It would eventually increase the overall cost. To limit the cost, pallet jacks are used to reduce the amount of workforce and is a cost-effective way to speed up the work process.
Pallet Jack
Pallet Jack 
Types of Pallet Jack
Pallet jacks can be segregated in terms of the way they are implemented and used. There are mainly two main types of pallet jacks.
  • Manual operating Pallet Jacks: These are manually controlled by an operator and use the theory of hydraulics to attain efficiency in lift and transporting purposes. Generally, there is a wheel or steering that enables the worker to manually control the machine. However, workers need to be efficient enough to be able to work comfortably with the machine. They should be trained well. Hence, the factor of cost-effectiveness comes under special consideration. Like others, hydraulics is the key principle on which it is placed.
  • Electrical operating Pallet Jacks: These are electrically controlled. Though hydraulics is also present in the system of the pallet jack, the operator must have the knowledge as to how to run and control the machine such that he gains a maximum output. 
  • Powered Pallet Jacks: This include all types of powered pallet jacks, including electrically powered pallets. Operational characteristics are same as that of an electrical pallet jack. However, an emergency purpose ‘dead man switch’ is present rather than a machine halt switch. It stops the working of the machine and holds the load on the jack.
Mechanism of a Pallet Jack
Hydraulics and lever are the base principle on which a pallet jack is implemented. The jack is fitted with a ‘tiller’ or a lever that pushes hydraulic fluid into the limbs of the pallet and causes it to rise and hold the load in the desired position. Another tiller is fitted that releases the hydraulic fluid, causing it to lower itself. The pallet jack is fitted with a set of wheels for mobility. A set of double rimmed wheels a fitted at the back end and provided a strong base for pressure. There are two wheels attached to the links of the hydraulic jack. As the fluid is pumped into the jack, the link pushes the wheels downward, and the links are lifted to the required level. The load is lifted enough from the ground such that it is mobile and not a problem in moving it through the desired road.
Pallet Jack
Pallet Jack  
Factors to be considered while selecting a pallet jack
Factors to be considered while selecting a pallet jack are crucial if you want your warehouse to be accessible and durable: 
  • Type of application
  • Ease of use
  • Durability
  • Type of wheels to give mobility to your pallet jack
  • No usage of Reversible pallets.
  • Deck boards cannot be used by non-reversible double-faced pallets.
The forks cannot be implanted into the notches.

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