Top 5 Wooden Toys That Can Help Develop Fine Motor Skills

Top 5 Wooden Toys That Can Help Develop Fine Motor Skills

Mar 5, 2019, 9:53:27 PM Business

Fine motor skill is the ability to coordinate small muscles in movements that usually involves the synchronization of hands and fingers with the eyes. This skill is actually very important in the growth of intelligence in people! It is therefore very important to develop your kid's fine motor skills early on and this can be done by incorporating wooden toys that encourages them to practice these skills.

Why Choose a Wooden Toy for this Task?

Plastic toys break easily. We are pretty sure that you have already seen your kid break a newly bought plastic toys mere minutes after purchasing them. And for young ones with limited fine motor skills, you need the sturdiest toys you can find – wooden toys fit this bill perfectly.

Best Wooden Toy List: Top 5 Wooden Toy to Aid in Developing Fine Motor Skills

As promised, we present you the best wooden toys that can definitely help your kid develop his or her fine motor skills:

PlanToys Beehives

The PlanToys beehives is a wooden toy set that includes 6 colorfoul hives along with 6 equally colourful inhabitant bees. Aside from teaching your child how to colour match and count, the wooden toys also serve a stacking toy. This enables your kid to practice his or her fine motor skills by trying to balance the hives. The included pair of tweezers also encourages the use of the fingers to pluck out or return the bees into their hives.

Grimms Stacking Wooden Toy

Grimms is a well-known eco-friendly company that manufactures top notch wooden toys. Some of their best-selling wooden toys are their stacking toys. With 10 discs in a rainbow-coloured finish, the Grimms Wankel, among others in their lineup of excellent products, will be an excellent tool for practicing and improving your kid’s fine motor skills. This wooden toy set is will also improve your child’s creativity and imagination as it is an open-ended toy

BigJigs Weather Balancing Game

A game of skill and nerve, the BigJigs weather balancing wooden toy game is sure to practice your kid’s fine motor skills. The objective is simple: stack the colourful weather pieces as high as you can. As simple as it may sound, the hand-eye coordination required to play this game is an excellent way to put your kid’s fingers and wrists in constant fine motor skills exercise!

Tidlo Animal Sorting Cube

A timeless favourite, sorting cubes are another way to practice your child’s fine motor skills. With 25 wooden toy pieces, the Tidlo animal sorting cube will provide countless ways for your child to learn while playing. From matching animal heads to their bodies, to finding the favourite food of each animal and putting that toy piece in the correct slot, this sorting cube is truly a gem.

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