Ways to Block Unwanted ads on YouTube on Android

Ways to Block Unwanted ads on YouTube on Android

Mar 13, 2019, 12:35:39 PM News

Nothing is better than YouTube because it has become a great platform where you can stream videos with ease. If you are one who is facing unwanted ads in YouTube app, then one has to make the use of Adblock android.  You can skip some ads, but it will automatically block unwanted ads with ease. If you are really facing ads related issues, then you need to take some actions. It would be better to make the use of third-party applications and get rid of unwanted ads. If you don't want to face a warranty related issue, then don't root your phone.

According to professionals, one will able to block the ads in the unrooted phone. All you need to make the use of a genuine third-party application that will surely block unwanted ads. To block the unwanted ads in YouTube then forthcoming paragraphs can be beneficial for you.

  • Install Genuine application

DNS66 is a really fantastic application that will automatically block the ads on YouTube. All you need to download the application and install it on your devices. It can block ads on YouTube with ease.If possible, then one should make the use of adaway host file that will remove the ads from Android. It is associated with fantastic Adblock feature that will improve the surfing.

  • Enable HTTPS filtering

Before performing any step, one has to enable HTTPS filtering feature in the settings. It is highly recommended that you should change the servers. If possible, then one should install Adguard Certificates in Phone.

  • Clear the Application data

In order to block the ads then one should tap on the application manager section and then clear data carefully.After that DNS66 will remove the ads on YouTube with ease. Make sure that you are using a genuine third party application; otherwise you cannot block the ads on YouTube.Overall, it is a great method because you don't have to root the phone.

  • Remove Ads

It is a really effective application that will remove all the ads from YouTube with ease. It is a powerful application.After downloading the application, you should enable the NoScript XSS that will block the unwanted ads with ease.

  • How to use ad blocker properly?

Make sure that you are using a great ad blocker option in the application.In order to enjoy the great browsing experience then ad blocker would be a reliable option for you. In order to increase the security in a phone then one should make the use of parental control features which is really great. Overall, Adblocker feature is really fantastic because it will remove the ads from YouTube with ease.

Final words

Lastly, ads blocker is a really versatile application that is compatible with all operating system.  It is a powerful application that will effectively clear ads, malware, and other viruses. In order to unlock premium features in ad blocker then one should invest money in the subscription and get rid of complicated problems.

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