Recherché or Just A Façade

Recherché or Just A Façade

Sep 10, 2016, 2:50:23 AM Creative

They are the most elegant, popular and well-known couple in Manhattan elite. Everyone seems to know bits and pieces about Amelia and Finn; however, one humongous mystery amounts it is no one knows exactly what they do to be that rich without inheriting their wealth.  Many people believes that this couple is the founder of one of the world’s largest logistic company. They always attend elite parties in their high-end and limited edition costumes. This couple has a perfect life which some might think it is too perfect.

I am an unnamed paparazzi, and I was recently given the biggest opportunity in my career so far to discreetly follow this magnificent specimen. I had known from the leaking scheduled online that Amelia and Finn would be going to join the exclusive auction of the world’s top ten jewelries brands at Four Season.

Waiting very attentively in the middle of crowd, I hold the camera in my hands and get ready to snap their pictures. Suddenly, the luxurious glossy black Audi stops soundlessly in front of the long red velvet carpet. Opening the car door slowly, the mid-thirty Amelia steps out. Her hair is delicately stylish and pin with ruby flower. A sparkle yellow sapphire weight more than 10 carat is hanging around her neck. Her slender body is covered in black evening grown that makes her skin looks soft and growing. She meticulously put on the made up which now makes everyone stun by her beauty. Following closely is her smart and handsome looking husband, Finn, in an attractive black custom made tuxedo and his golden brown hair deliberately tousles in that sexy way. His prominent nose and kissable lips make every woman swoon. He is tall, strapping, and handsome. When they are walking side by side, they look like a prince and princess in the fairy tale.

I sneakily follow them and quietly snap their pictures. Spying on them enthusiastically, I feel very impressed by their table manners indicate that they are well-bred. Importantly, they are charitable as well since they pours the rest of food into plastic bags for dogs they might encounter with on their way home.

‘How generous of they,’ I think to myself and decide to track them down to take picture of them feeding dogs.


After the auction, I follow them, and am dumbfounded when they park their powerful car by a little old laundry. Amelia gets out few minutes later.

“Honey, we are so lucky today, it’s for our breakfast,” she said happily, holding up the heavy big plastic bag.

“Keep it in the fridge, don’t forget to wash our clothes, the customer will come and get them tomorrow afternoon, and I will have to drive the car back to my boss’ house; otherwise, she will think that I stole it,” Finn adds seriously, pointing to the clothes they are wearing before leaving to return the Audi.

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