• Take a look around you and quiet your thoughts...Be in this moment, free from the past because it’s just a memory with all its previous remorseful moments and regrets. Also be unrestricted by the future with all its uncertainties and unknowns. This “now” moment is your time and it’s a gift that why it’s called “the present”.
  • Find inspiration each day from nature all around you, from people's stories or acts of kindness, from animals and their infinite capacity for unconditional love, loyalty and true friendship or from the innocence of children with their care free spontaneity, insatiable curiosity and their gift of wonder.
  • Fear is usually what holds us back from achieving our dreams. Fear is in our mind, it’s just a thought which can be changed. Fear stands for: "False Evidence Appearing Real". So find your passion, what you truly love and take the first step. Try something new because if you don’t like it or it does not end up being your “cup of tea”; you lost nothing in the process and it will be one less regret in your life.
  • Is not possible to try to control all the details of our lives, all we can do is follow our dreams, take a leap of faith and let the Universe work out the details, bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together, with all the synchronicities to form the unique tapestry of your life. As they say “Let go and let God”. Become detached from the outcome and trust that your dream or something better is manifesting now for you.
  • Become aware of the coincidences in your life, the so called twists of fate, chance or luck. A book that jumps at you in the bookstore, a call from friends when you were thinking about them, a song that you hear that seems to bring a message tailored just for you, or something that you read which brings the answer to one of your questions. They are sign posts that light up your path, like bread crumbs letting you know you are going in the right direction and showing you the way to achieving your dreams.
  • Sometimes we hit our heads against a wall trying to achieve something despite all odds. We keep banging at the closed door feeling defeated and crushed without noticing another door (or big window) that happens to be wide opened in front of our faces. This is probably the one that brings you the greatest blessing, check it out!
  • Circumstances in our lives always happen for a reason, they are lessons that bring great spiritual growth. From time to time we get a nudge to do something but we don’t listen. Ignoring the nudge will not make it go away, it will surely come back stronger and stronger until you get a real kick or blow or bang that shocks the living lights out of you out but it will make you pay attention. Listen to your inner guidance, acknowledge your yearning and follow your intuition.
  • If you are unhappy and feel stuck in a relationship that no longer works or you are stuck in a living situation or a job you hate, don’t wait for the perfect moment to make a change in your life (for your kids to grow up, your bank account to have enough savings or your retirement). Free yourself from your burdens now, life is too short to wait for a “better time”. Follow your heart and know that if your heart is yearning for a change then this is the perfect time to do it.
  • Frequently we wait until we get into some serious health challenges before we stop and listen to our bodies and make the changes needed for optimum health.  We take health for granted and even though our bodies are very forgiving and truly resilient in the ongoing auto-repairs and healing processes, we all can reach a limit. Treasure the gift of health and take care of yourself. You will be able to better take care of everyone else and everything in your life when you feel well.
  • Practice forgiveness more often. Forgiveness does not mean that you approve of what was done to you. You are not denying your feelings or the event that caused you to feel mistreated or violated. It does not mean that you have to forget the offense or excuse the offender either. Forgiveness is a conscious act to let go of the resentment and the desire of revenge, to release the burden of the corrosive anger, bitterness or hateful feelings that only harm you and your health disrupting the balance of our body functions and creating a perpetual state of “fight or flight response”. Change the way you choose to respond and instead of focusing on blaming yourself or others, focus on understanding yourself and not allowing one more minute of your life to dwell in the painful past.
  • Expand your love! Expand your love for your family and friends, for our beautiful planet and especially expand the love for yourself! Many times we act as if we were our worst enemies, harshly judging and belittling ourselves without compassion.  Be your own best friend and love yourself more. Like Bill Murray said: There's only one person you're guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with:  yourself “.shutterstock_148681676




Published by Amira Carluccio

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