VALENTINE'S POEMS: "For our dogs"

Perhaps in the way they scurry, 

run around, and dart, 

do dogs manage to travel through 

a passage in the heart. 


And how when they look up to you  

as if just to say, 

“I want you to be around me 

and happy here today.” 

And sometimes it is hard to see

them for who they are. 

Our hairy faithful canine kin 

we feel when we are far.  

And when we choose to let them in  

as our kin thereof 

we offer them a home to share 

which they repay in love. 

Our dogs give us the best of wear — 

Two lives in tandem. 

Soon, they can speak with just a stare — 

and we can understand them.

(Author unknown)



for daily inspiration:

Published by Amira Carluccio


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