Benefits of Design Management Courses

Design management course is an amalgamation of design thinking and Liberal arts with management which then creates a unique curriculum that will provide a thorough portfolio, exposure, and skills planning.

It doesn’t matter much if you have a background in liberal arts, engineering, science or commerce this Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM program) will help you discover or enhance your creative side which will increase your confidence, and make you a problem solver and that is someone who is very crucial to the team and also a manager who leads with designs while inheriting the skills that any top management program may offer.

The curriculum that is followed by many universities are-

Liberal arts - In a subject like this, you will get to study Social and Cultural Anthropology, Psychology of Empathy and Indian Literature which will enable all the students to develop a holistic outlook towards the world of business.

Classic design - In-depth study of Design Drawing, Fundamentals of Space, Form and Structure to stimulate creativity

Business management & leadership you will get to learn about electives in Finance, Marketing, HR and Analytics; and Strategic Leadership and Business Models to create a foundation for management.

In pedagogy, students are required to work extensively with other students and other stakeholders who will make you more collaborative and sympathetic towards other people.  

A course like this will help you in the overall growth and transform you into a multitasker, and someone who can come up with solutions to a problem in more than one ways. Hence one might think that after completing this course, what are the career options available and to answer your question the opportunities are unlimited.

The following are the roles and responsibilities that you acquire and will help you in the contemporary world.

-Product management roles at top design-led industries

-Business designers/product architects at start-ups

-Experience and service design managers at large service companies

-Strategy planning and execution management at established firms which will help to identify and hence create brand new business opportunities

-Roles in traditional domains of business management like finance, HR, marketing etc.

-Consulting at design research and product development firms Entrepreneurship

One of the best institutes in India that provide Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM program) is SOIL(School Of Inspired Leadership). This is where SOIL comes to the rescue and helps you get a better understanding of on-job problems and the practical or feasible solutions at any given point of the operation. The course provides the students with a rich portfolio full of exposure and skills. It is the only institute that offers this one-of-a-kind course.

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