Cufflinks Are Not Only For Men: How Women Can Rock Novelty Cufflinks

When you talk about cufflinks, they are more often thought of as a “guy/man thing.” We have been accustomed to associating these accessories with men in smart business attire, a tux or a dinner jacket. But cufflinks are not only for men—woman can rock novelty cufflinks too!

Why should women bother wearing cufflinks?

For women who want to step up their game, these accessories are one of today’s best and hottest formal to semiformal ornaments. And if you need an awesome gift idea for the holidays, then gifting cufflinks might just be the best surprise for a girl.

In a more formal setting such as the office, it’s a great way to wear jewellery. Women need to wear formal work clothes at the office or in a business setting. A blouse or smart shirt is often paired with a trouser or skirt. Thus, it’s perfectly sensible to make this look more feminine with the addition of cufflinks.

The feminine touch of a novelty cufflink on a shaped skirt is quite alluring and attractive. There is something about a woman dressed in formal yet feminine attire. That’s why cufflinks can be sexy. Plus, wearing these ornaments makes one stand out and projects her individual style. This is one way of making a statement. 

Are there cufflinks designed solely for women?

Yes, there are plenty of cufflinks out there for women. You don’t have to wear the ones made for men. There are also unisex cufflinks, made from precious metals, enamelled designs to fake jewels. You can also have custom-made ones to fit your taste and character.

Are there rules in wearing them?

Yes, there are appropriate ways to wear cufflinks. But it still boils down to your choice, whether or not you want to stick to the guidelines. Would you wear your novelty cufflinks only if you wear a jacket? Or would you prefer wearing them as jewellery or accessories for both night and day?

However, the general rule is that never wear cufflinks when wearing jeans or sneakers or any casual outfits. Additionally, these ornaments should be in complete harmony with your overall getup. Here is a suggestion: You can match your cufflink with any of these:

1. colour(s) of your blouse/shirt

2. colour(s) of your pants/jacket

3. colour(s) of your shoes

4. colour of another accessory (watch, scarf, jewellery, etc.)


How to wear cufflinks

There are unlimited ways of wearing these accessories. But here are 3 examples:

•    You can wear them with slacks or culottes as work wear.

•    You can wear them with a skirt if you feel like going to town for some shopping.

•    You can wear your cufflinks with slacks matched with a pair of patent leather pumps.

Don’t limit yourself with these options; instead, express your personal style and rock those novelty cufflinks and stand out from the crowd.



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