Each Soul is Creative

Each Soul is Creative

A child is gifted in abundance with the qualities a rational mind of adult, like us may never fathom. The perspective of an individual may vary but what intrigue me are the articulate details and a myriad of imaginations, a child can come up with. 


At the clemency of today’s fast pace life, the need to score more or the urge to achieve far more than we already have has already driven us all from the core of our creativity. I often think, it is more related to show the world what you can do, that more often than not we lose the essence of innovation.


I am certainly not of the opinion that the students forgo their studies or ignore the need to prepare for exams, I believe in being creative. I believe in enjoying what you do and doing what you like best. Find the field of interest that keeps you alive on the inside, be passionate about it. Pursue it further if you want to because now is the time to explore your options and make up your mind. Be responsible for what you choose children because this will change the course of your life. It will be your recluse when you seek peace in your hectic schedule of a busy life ahead.


The beauty of a creative mind is not just restricted to arts such as music, writing or painting. It is far more than just one’s talents. It is an inbuilt skill, in us all by default, so instead of treating the daily routine as a chore, find the beauty of doing things in your own creative way. Learn new things, explore your options, ponder over and find ways to highlight your creative side. 



Your masterpiece resonates, you will find a sense of accomplishment and even pride so find beauty in your work and in your soul; and be an inspiration. Like Pablo Picasso said once, "Every child is an artist", all we have to do is look for the skills that set us apart in a positive way so that we can contribute to this world.


Published by Amna Siddiqui

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