Politicians' Politics

Politicians' Politics

There has never been a perfect government till, let’s say, now. But if you take a closer look at any country, you will see that it is formed of very simple hierarchies (Monarchy, Republic, Federal state…etc.). My point here will be focused mainly on Ministers, and more particularly in France. The post of a French Ministry guarantees you a minimum salary of 9940.20€/month, aside from the extra 2757.34€ for parliament duties, moreover, a residence of 80m² taken in charge by the state funds and an extra 20m²/child, Free access to all SNCF (Train Service in France), function car and driver and last but not least, any aerial movement. When you see all this advantages, you expect that the person who holds this position must have worked hard all his years and is going to make huge differences. But actually, NO!! Health, education, electricity and more are the top problems now in France and the ministers are acting like there’s nothing going on because they and their families are living a luxurious life, getting the best education in the most prestigious universities in France, getting a health care in private hospitals because they don’t trust the public ones (like whaaat ?!!) and the list goes on and on.

What happens if there was just a simple reduction in their monthly salary? instead of getting a 12697.54€/month, they got paid like normal worker. Ok, I must exaggerate because they have more responsibilities than them so what about 5000€/month (knowing that the minimum salary is 1466.62€ which means you can live with only 1466.62€/month). It was just a simple I asked myself so if you think it’s a good/bad idea, tell us why in a comment.

Published by Amr Aboulela

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