Jul 27, 2016, 3:52:20 AM Opinion

Who am I ?

Am I someone whose existence is defined by a body of flesh and blood

By its petite hands and weak physical stature

Or am I the one who is judged for being unsocial

Always remaining alone even in a crowd filled with friends.


If your judgment is limited to mere physical attributes

Then you'll fail to judge me.

If your thinking is limited to mere senses

Then my presence will fail to make any sense.


I may be timid, I may be lonely

But I have an individuality, I have a soul.

I find happiness in the most ordinary things

I feel content only by looking at the morning sun.


I don't expect anything to remain satisfied.

I don't desire to be someone else as I love me.

You may call me stubborn and cold-hearted

But I am also gentle, fragile and sensitive.


I don’t want a name. I don’t want to be identified.

I don’t follow any religion because everyone's blood is red like mine.

I don’t fall to a particular sect as my beliefs are universal.

I don’t belong to any one nation as I live on planet Earth.


Don’t tie me in the bonds of narrow limited relationships

Don’t force me to love one religion and hate others

Don’t tell that I can't love someone due to caste difference

Don’t tell me not to follow my heart because of society norms.


I am born free, struggling nine months in my mother' womb,

Breaking the shackles of binding darkness to bright daylight

Why again do you want me to chain myself

Because of your narrowness, ignorance and lack of empathy.


Long after I was born, long after I understood this world

A day arrived when I questioned the purpose of my life

In time I was surprised to find a companion living within me

A friend, a guide, an invisible powerful life force.


He cries with me, he smiles with me

He gives me courage when I succumb to despair

He has become my inspiration and aspiration

He is loving, caring and he can do anything.


He holds my hand when no one else does,

He consoles me when everybody leaves.

With him by my side I feel strong, I feel confident.

I feel complete again.


You can judge and make fun of my physicality

You can analyze and criticize the way I think

But I am neither of the two.

Who am I ? I am I.

Published by Amrit Anand


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