Democracy is arcaic

Is it about time we took a long, hard look at the system of democracy? The swinging pendulum of liberal to conservative has been swinging for decades now, and yet no matter who is in charge it always seems like nothing gets fixed. Our earnings are drained in ever increasing percentages for ever increasing institutions for ever increasing causes - and when they fail, more money is taken - more jobs are invented to overlook where the failures previously occurred, and if it fails again it's simply re-branded. Our resource and energy has limits, and this perpetuating system is completely inefficient without the accountability to profit that the private sector has.

In this age of connection, information and communication it seems somewhat null that we're still governed by a system that does not represent the actual diversity of human needs, and opinions. I think the reason why this is something so seldom discussed is because democracy is seen as the peak of social order (in the grecco-roman philosophical sense). It is taught by parents, by schools that it is a system of fairness and representation of the majorities will - but in reality it's just a collection of individuals given titles and responsibilities they don't have any accountability for - since it's their decisions that will affect others rather than themselves.

So how can such a system be held is such high regard? I don't think it is, I think for most people it's just 'the way it is and I can't change it'. Most free enquiry is beaten out of us in the education system, and those who still retain it are ridiculed as 'idealists' or 'day dreamers' - when in reality these are the people who should be the decision makers.

We've been programmed, and I hate to use this word so often used in humorous characterisation of conspiracy theorists. We think that without a democracy, without rulers society will fall apart. We think the police, will not exist. We think people will start to form militia, kill each other for fun and go on violent rampages mad max style. How, and why do we think this? Because from a young age we are taught - there is no function without order. There can be no progressive society, without leadership. I think the opposite. I think we're being held back by this idea.

Think of this for a moment. Do flocks of birds, have an elected leadership? It's probably a bit of a terse and vague analogy, and I'm not ignoring biological hierarchy - but the fact remains the group can function just fine without a foreign secretary.

If the UK government suddenly disappeared in an instant right now - there would be undeniable panic - but then the realisation would come that effectively, people will still continue to do their jobs, and society will not collapse in a heap being ruled by rapey leather-clad shoulder-pad wearing uglies.

I am of course, massively over-simplifying this, my point is however this paradigm of rulers / masters is becoming increasingly more irrelevant as we realise how alike we are as human beings. Everyone is capable of self responsibility. Everyone knows the key to real progression is education. Everyone knows there is value in communication. I think in time, as long as we don't get overrun by totalitarian idealism, we can understand how excellent we can be without the inefficiency and corruption of rulers. 

Published by Amuro Rey


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