Don't vote for Hilary

After watching a few videos, listening to podcasts, checking sources and reading news all over this weekend I would have to say, if you are contemplating voting for Hilary Clinton, don't.

With the recent video about vote-rigging and electoral fraud from Project Veritas, and the evidence put forward from the WikiLeaks emails (helpfully dissected, pretty objectively by Sargon of Akkad and Stefan Molyneux) as well as countless other sources both from the (understandably biased) conservative media, independent media and libertarian media - but not at all from the mainstream (which again, has objective proof of collusion) is it irrefutably clear that she is dangerously ambitious - more so than Trump.

Let's give a brief summary of what has been revealed of late (summarised for the sake of length)

Hilary Clinton has no quibbles with starting a war with Russia, after botching up a rebellion against the Syrian dictator, Assad - killing thousands of innocent civilians and causing Europe's migrant crisis (true). She has no problem with the fact she is arming terrorists (allegedly, connecting the dots). She has no problem with referring to people of colour as niggers (allegedly, eyewitness confirmation). She has no problem with ordering her subordinates to commit voting fraud (true). She has no problem with intimidating Bill Clinton's rape victims (allegedly). She has no problem with colluding with the press for political favour (true). She has no problem taking donations from countries that treat their women as second class citizens (true).

Now I understand some of this has no objective proof, but most of it really does. Any one of these would be enough to end a campaign had it gotten good, journalistic coverage - however the collusion with the mass media all over the world has ensured that little to none of it did - that that which did was written in a manner to discredit it through language alone, not by actual fact. It is for this reason I think that Clinton still comes out on top with people who have no active interest in politics, or who exist only within a political echo chamber or party hardliners - and it's very likely the campaign knows this. Just a quick skim of world headlines will show you just how biased, and unfocused on the real issues it is. It's chock full of Trump said X, Clinton said Y, but absolutely nothing about the (at the very least) investigation and very serious issues at hand - ones that could be researched with a simple google search term. Trump points these out, repeatedly and is seen as a infowars conspiracy theorist - but he's not saying we're ruled by an ancient secret society of capitalist banking lizards - he's speaking from publicly available evidence.

The whole race seems to me now, like a 5-star Michelin chef competing with a home cook, where the come cook is a clear winner - providing the best 3-course meal - while the Michelin chef makes no meal at all and simply laughs, scoffs, criticises and points at the home cooks meal having not even made one himself. If you had no prior information, other than one person is an press-acclaimed and accredited chef, and the other is just an unknown home cook - which meal would you choose to take for free? It is that fact alone that makes it understandable why so many choose to publicly support Clinton, despite the fact they are completely, and objectively wrong.

I still quote to others the fact that I don't like Trump very much, but this is entirely a subjective and pointless viewpoint. I find is unprofessional, boorish, alpha-leaning attitude unfitting for a world leader, but none of this matters. He is, at face value the safer and more trustworthy candidate - no matter how I feel and with all available information I can gather. Hillary Clinton's prior actions have already had a direct affect in the place where I live - meaning her record to me is one of failure right off the bat, without any investigation at all. Perhaps you think I am thinking about this too much, but I am only being as objective as I can be. There is little to no counter argument to these facts coming through alternative media, other than "it's all a conspiracy theory". If that is truly the case, then for god's sake Mr.Mass Media, prove it empirically. The general public is not a stupid as you want us to think. I think many of us seeing this all unfold are looking to governments and mainstream media for reassurance that's simply not being addressed - for the very fact it will unravel a seriously complex web with far reaching consequences beyond that of public trust.

Make your choice an objective, informed one. I wish I could cast a vote, but I'm just a Brit. Vote any candidate but Clinton at least, but default with Trump.

I'll get off this US politics subject soon, promise. :)

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