Is real consciousness beyond the physical?

Is real consciousness beyond the physical?

Where is consciousness? In your head, or does it exist somewhere other than the physical? Are we simply a receiver for some kind of eternal, timeless entity? It's not a new concept by any measure, but it is little known. The idea is, what we perceive as 'normal', is a limited view of reality. The sense data we receive through sight, sound, touch, smell and feeling is wrapped in a 'reality filter', designed to supplement functionality and provide the means of individuality. A great analogy is this; think back to when you were young and your first starting watching television. To your 3 or 4 year old self, the concept of frequencies travelling through the air to be translated into moving pictures and sound was likely beyond your understanding. To you, the people on the screen are inside the television as this is how you can logically deduce something without any information. if you opened up the television, you would only see wires and circuit boards, but you would not see people. Now think of this example in terms of your brain. It is, seemingly inanimate matter, atoms, molecules all constructed, somehow to form consciousness. But by examining the brain, you can't prove the existence of consciousness any more than you can prove there are people in the television

Far out, right? Well, scientifically is currently accepted as an unknown. Spiritually, it is explained as the soul. One of the rare cases where the concept of spirituality is ahead of science? I prefer a more succinct explanation than that which religion provides, and I think there are answers out there just waiting to be discovered, that are simply denied any scientific basis due to cultural and social 'rules'. 

Why do I think this? Because there have been many times I have read and listened to peoples experiences on psychoactive drugs. I also have (very limited) experience of this myself. In all instances - the experience is seen as 'profound', as 'opening the gates of perception' and 'freeing consciousness'. Perhaps these are simply terms that just explain the feeling of the experience - but they could equally be the truth - as what is observable, and reproducible in the scientific method is deemed as scientific fact. Not only does this information come from people on psychadelics, it also comes from people suffering from neurological disorders, from people who have had near-death experiences, from children, from people suffering with some forms of epilepsy, altzheimer's disease, schizophrenia and many more. Conditions what would, in leyman's terms be described as 'not normal'. Perhaps these states of mind, are normal - and we are the ones locked into a narrow band of reality. Put in this perspective, our problems and conflicts seem so utterly petty, as it's our limited existence and quality of it, that perpetuates our squabbling. 

I guess it's just a case of 'we're looking under the rock without seeing what's around it'. Either way, I find this concept fascinating, and worth a look. have you had any experience beyond the physical? I would love to read about it, please comment with your thoughts!


Published by Amuro Rey

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