Is this the beginning of the end for freedom of speech?

Is this the beginning of the end for freedom of speech?

Oct 6, 2016, 4:51:27 PM Opinion

The first to shout the loudest sets the narrative. This appears to be a consistent trait in the news these days. Institutions of investigative journalism, who strive to get to the 'real story' seem to be the ageing gladiators losing battle against the tigers in the arena, but out in the audience, there are many who are whispering the truth among themselves - unknown by the residing emperor and his guard. 

I learn far, far more from the internet than what I do from watching television news and mainstream news websites. I listen to people who have spent time and effort to gather information, and present it in a manner in which I can decide for myself what the truth really is. Seeing just how inconsistent, incorrect and how narrative-driven mainstream media is these days makes me wonder - just how much of past news events where deliberately misleading? These days of realisation, and slow progression for the thinking people I fear however, are numbered. 

What worries me more recently however is not the mainstream media - like I mentioned in my analogy, the truth really is out there if you care to look in the right places, the most worrisome thing is who is controlling the access to this information. 

You may, or may not know that ICANN, the company which controls DNS services which tie IP address' to friendly text is now fully independent of the DOC (US Department of Commerce). Sounds like a step in the right direction, sure, but you have to understand that ICANN was previously under the control of the US government - which is itself governed by a constitutional right to freedom of speech. The UN, it's control governed by it's member states, has no such protection. This effectively means, if one nation does not want you to see something, they can lobby ICANN. 

Imagine for a moment, the kind of people required to be in charge of something as inherently important as the internet. If they are bound by a constitutional law of freedom of speech, the internet truly does belong to the people. Now imagine you no longer need to adhere to that law. Even the most staunchly incorruptible individuals will be subjected to the shady activities of UN leaders from member states. I have faith in people, I do not have faith in elected (or non elected) leaders since seeking leadership over others is a trait of narcissism.  Rarely would you find a leader who truly cares for people, over popularity, and those who do don't last in such a deeply entrenched, global establishment. Power is more addictive than cocaine - and I've not even mentioned the influence of those member states with authoritarian regimes, who will blatantly engage in censorship. 

This is a huge power play, with far reaching consequences for the future of freedom of speech that hardly anyone has noticed - since the coverage has been so muted worldwide. It's only a matter of time before the whispers in the crowd are replaced with cheers for the emperor, and those who try to whisper will be fed to the tigers. 

Published by Amuro Rey

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