The presidential race is getting tiresome?

This might sound a little condescending, but I got into US politics a little over a year ago because I was curious about the staggering levels of deception and corruption. While leaning towards the Trump side of support, I do find my interest in the whole presidential race getting a little tiresome. It just seems that, news sensation after news sensation is focused around trivial issues with the words and actions of Trump, but never on the serious, often provable accusations of corruption and collusion between the Democrats and the mass media. We all know that media outlets do like to 'take sides', but US media is undeniably leaning far more left. Trump is of course, no angel. He's a gameshow host gunning for popularity, but to me he represents the anti-establishment. The anti-elite, and a gateway to change. I don't like him, but I like what he and his supporters (apart from the actual racists) represent. People are tired of politicians, tired of empty promises and tired of being lied to. Trump may be (if he gets in) more of the same thing, but at least that action alone of putting him into the white house will give people a better sense of the power they have.

The recent Wikileaks are getting more and more damning, but the concept of Wikileaks once heralded by the mass media for juicy news has become a bit of a naughty child to them, calling out their failures to provide the general public with the truth. This is a clear indication of collusion in itself. Even the hallowed BBC demotes this news to a page buried deep and suspiciously muted - but when Trump talks about grabbing a pussy, it's a headline.

I think a lot of people's minds have already been made up, so unless there is something actually seriously bad that Trump has done, I just wish they would give it up and start focusing on what good Clinton can do for the US instead of all the bad that Trump could do. It's definitely the most negative election I have ever experienced, with so much attention on each candidates bad deeds, and very little on what they're actually planning to do when they take that seat of power. I would really like to actually know more about Hilary Clinton's plans, but all I hear is empty rhetoric and frightening hostility towards the Russian government. I am seriously looking hard too.

Conservative media is equally guilty of slander tactics of course, and the occasional necessary bullying - however they rely far more on sources and proof, rather than the emotional manipulation of the left. I can only see this ramping up as we get closer to November. I think I am going to put this attention on hold for a bit.

I want to finish this with a little detour, I have found that people's reaction to me when I say "I hope Trump wins" astonishing, not because they think I must be some kind of bigoted, misogynistic racist - but because I am astonished that they have such a narrow view of the world - one perpetrated by a controlling media. This guilty by association trend is dangerous, almost communist in style. I rarely meet people with an objective viewpoint, and rarely meet people who can argue against what I say in support of Trump. It's nearly always a conversation that either does not even begin (more often with a judgemental 'oh..'), or one that starts with 'you know he's a....'. Why do most people not ask why? The preposition of his sensation, overwhelms it seems most people's ability to reason and this is worrying. Unless of course, people are simply better hiding their true feelings for the sake of social acceptance? I guess I will never know. I am also open to the fact I may be completely wrong. When I have asked why people support Hilary Clinton though the reaction is again quite telling. It's nearly always 'because Trump is X, Trump is Y, Trump is Z'. The only viewpoint from rationality I have listened to that I can agree with was from Sam Harris some time ago, stating 'because she is the better professional'. Can't argue that, but I am an anarchist, so the very concept of a politician to me is the root of the problem.

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Published by Amuro Rey


Oct 17, 2016, 11:11:45 AM

A reasonable vote, indeed, good choice. I went in a similar direction in the GE voting green. However I would question as to why you would think Trump and Clinton are as bad as each other, when one has a proven record of terrible foreign policy, while the other is a business alpha male, characterised by a provably coerced media, who is arguably less confrontational towards Russia?

Oct 15, 2016, 6:41:03 PM

As an American living in the UK, I think that Trump and Clinton are as bad as each other. I am also sick of having to choose between the lesser of two evils in a one party state acting as a two party one. That is why I am voting for Jill Stein of the Green Party. She is the only true alternative in this election. Oh yea, I know her chances of winning are very slim but that does not mean that I am wasting my vote. Quite the contrary.

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