The weapons of mass media: Race

It seems that no matter where you look these days nearly every sensation, story and outrage is centred around race. Be it from police brutality, to terrorism or an action of offence - it is nearly always around white people causing it. In my experience, I don't think I have ever met an actual white, hateful racist (but I have seen them on television, and the internet!). The most commonly vaguely racist remarks have either come second hand from my Japanese relatives or from my third-generation Pakistani, Indian and Caribbean friends in jest. Occasional racism is also employed between me and my brother to mimic the 60's and 70's generation and their dumb vulgarity, for laughs rather than actual hatred. Racism for me is a relic of the past - which may just an experience of an inner-city dwelling Brit?

So why does the media employ this consistent attack on white people? Why does the media consistently portray racism as such a huge problem in the world? I think it's down to one thing - the media know's that white people like to feel like they're not racists. 

When I witness any racism, I find it abhorrent. It angers me, as it is inherently pointless. It also incenses me when I see racism being used as an excuse, to not take responsibility for a toxic culture that needs addressing. The recent black lives matter movement is a prime example. 

I think BLM should be a beautiful movement of empowerment for a minority that needs help, and needs to take steps from within to address, but I also think BLM's message is derailed by the media - who consistently portray their cause as an issue of white-on-black racism. There is a problem with police brutality over in the US, but it's not the problem the black culture of the US has. The problem BLM has is the media taking over their narrative to sell advertising space, by exploiting white people's obsession with being disgusted by racism. Actual, genuine racists must be having a field day, thinking the second coming of Hitler is on the horizon!

It pains me to think whenever I see "white cop shoots unarmed black man" I can no longer help meeting it with scepticism and irritation, and this should not be the case. In nearly every instance, when the smoke clears and the facts come to the surface, it turns out the police officer has acted within the boundries of the law. I think it's wrong to shoot anyone - but the fact remains. I should not be being irritated by it. I should be feeling bad for that persons family, and feeling bad for my fellow human beings in the black community who are hit the hardest by this perpetuated nonsense. Would it not be great if, the headline in today's news was "Violent crime in Chicago has dropped by 90%". 

What is also surprising is how much the media perpetuates the very worst aspects of Black culture - glamorising it. Selling it. Making it cool, and influencing generation after generation to continue it on. Where is the promotion of fatherhood? Where is the glamorisation of living a life without crime? Of hard work? Of making something of yourself? What happened to good old role models? What happened to marriage? Why is it perpetuated by the media that for someone in a poor black community can't get anywhere in life, they need help from white people in the form of affirmative action? It's nonsense, and it's so degrading, and outright racist to black people - it sickens me. 

I understand that the media is all about marketing and what sells - and I would not ask for any kind of censorship - but I would ask that people with influence in the media start to take notice and start promoting positive aspects of cultures that are destroying themselves - and stop focusing on race since we're the human race, not the Black / White / Asian / Hispanic race we're told we belong to on a daily basis. 


Published by Amuro Rey


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