5 Most Popular Types of Book Writing Services

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5 Most Popular Types of Book Writing Services

Sep 3, 2021, 4:34:24 AM Creative

Struggling with choosing the right genre to write a book? No worries! We provide you with a complete guide about different popular genres that you can consider while deciding what book to write.


Book writing services include numerous writing genres that have their own uniqueness and nature. Hence, choosing the right genre among all becomes tricky sometimes as there are so many genres out there. You might get stuck with what would be the best genre that you must consider. The best and effective place to start is by picking up the right genre. So here we provide all the trending literary genres and most popular types of book writing services.


Want to know more about popular types of book writing services? Dive into the article and explore in detail!


What Does Genre Mean?

Before we dive into the most popular types of writing services and their genres, let's discuss what does a genre means so you could better understand the writing types. A genre is referred to as the category in which your book falls or the content of the book is based. Every genre has its own uniqueness in theme and nature of writing style. This will also be evident in the certain underlying plot and the storyline of your book.


The certain storyline, plot, and theme help readers understand and categorize the type and nature of a book. It also helps them to decide whether they would like to read that particular book or not. A reader who loves to read crime books will not be happy if the theme of the book is based on relationships and romance. Similarly, if the reader loved to read romance and relationships, the crime-based thrilling novel will not satisfy the reader. Hence, if the reader is going to read a book of his interest it will enhance his interest, and if the book is opposite to his interest he might lose all of his interest and would not continue reading that particular book.


Most Common Types of Book Writing Services

People usually like the types of books they previously have enjoyed. Genres help them decide which type of book they should read. Different kinds of genres sell a variety of books – including Romance, Crime and Thriller, Self-motivation and Self-help books, Religious books, Science-Fiction and Fantasy-themed books, and many others.

  • Romance Books

Romance is one of the record-selling book genres and the most popular type of writing service. It has been a popular and widely-read genre for years and perhaps the best book writing service in terms of book sales – as it always has ranked among the top 5 bestselling book genres. Romance books or novels are widely sold in grocery stores, on online platforms, or on monthly shipments. Romance books typically are categorized based on emotionally connected plots aimed to have a positive ending. The romance genre is the type of book that takes the reader to a new world of love, peace, and comfort. Romance readers tend to be loyal to their favorite romance book authors. In addition, there are sub-genres of romance that people often love to read – including historical romance and paranormal romance.


  • 2Crime, Suspense, and Thrill

People loved to read crime based books as it involves suspense. Suspense makes the reader engaged in the book and enhances their interest in the story, most interestingly the ending of the story. Crime and thrill seem to be the most reading and popular type of book genres in fiction. Due to a fact that romance facilitates a reader with fuzzy, warm, and lovely feelings and the crime and thrilled-based book engulfs the reader in the most real and darker side of practical life.


  • Self-Motivational and Self-help Book Genre

Types of books based on the self-motivational and self-help genre have a huge following – both as hard copies and e-books. People often look for ways by which they can groom and motivate themselves to the next level of positivity and can improve themselves and polish their personalities. Hence, these nonfiction books - self-motivational and self-help genres, have reached a huge level of audiences across the globe. A self-help book is the type of writing based on providing ways to groom and motivate yourself. It covers personal and individual grooming to business wealth and success as well as lifestyle to the overall wellbeing of an individual.


  • Religious Books

Religious books are the type of book writing that covers the important and helpful aspects of religion. These books based on facts and figures mentioned in the divine books aimed to provide people with all the significant information and detailed about their routine problems, issues, and queries. It can be both in a formal and a little bit informal way depending upon the context and content of the book. People interested in knowing religion often opt to read religious books. Hence, there is a huge public demand for religious books as religion is the common aspect of people’s lives and they love to read books and novels based on religion.


  • Science and Fiction Based Books

Want to know what type of book writing is another most common type of book to read? Science and fiction-based books are commonly read by both teenagers and adults. Science fiction involves interesting facts about science and most of the scenarios take place with different and interesting twists. Science fiction books can also have a historical setting however, most of the aspects of science and fiction-based novels deal with technological and innovative scientific advancement.


Picking up the right and appropriate genre to write a book can help boost your sales and make you earn well. However, you need to understand the significance of picking up the right genre according to your expected target audience that you want to grab by your writings. You must ensure whatever you decide to write must be trendy enough to capture the audience and grab the readers’ attention. Romance novels, science, and fiction, religious books, crime, and thrill are the most common and trendy book writing services that you must consider.

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