5 Most Effective Psychological Triggers to Win Sales

5 Most Effective Psychological Triggers to Win Sales

Jul 31, 2021, 12:56:45 AM Tech and Science

That is why, for your sale efforts to be successful, you have to first understand the psychology behind consumer behavior. You should think about what makes people tick? Why do people make certain decisions while others choose not to buy that specific thing? And most importantly, what can you improve in your current strategy to get people to buy from you and turn them into loyal customers for your brand?

The very first step is forgetting about doing the same stuff over and over again. It will not let you excel and move forward but will bring mediocre results, same as always. If you want to skyrocket your sales, it is now time to get inside your customer's heads and find out how to make them say: 'Wow, it's like I was looking for the same thing!'

Let's discuss things in more detail.

Learn the Concept of Reciprocity

The idea of reciprocity in sales psychology works in a way that, when someone gives us something, we feel we should give something back in return. Have you ever gone to some cellphone store and ended up with an unplanned phone case purchase because you felt compelled to buy after trying a free sample?

That was one basic example of reciprocity in action.

Of course, online retailers have to work differently as they can't visit each customer's house who interacts with them to shove a sample in their hand. They can't offer a sample product because they don't have any physical location. So, how can they implement reciprocity in their strategy?

Here's the best idea. Offer a gift with an online purchase. When you can't offer something in advance, consider giving out something extra. This tactic is a favorite of phone sellers who offer free screen protectors or phone holders with the newly bought phone.

Bring Novelty in Your Strategy

We as human beings love novelty. Novelty makes us feel like there is a reward coming our way. That sense of excitement motivates us to seek it out.

What do you think is the idea behind Apple releases of iPhone and iPad after every few months?

Everyone knows that the difference between the older version of the same phone and the newer one is minimal. Yet, hundreds of people worldwide toss away their old phones to pick up the latest model.

That is no accident, and here's a pro-tip for you. Add new features to your products often to keep them fresh and desirable. Even if you make slight changes here and there, make sure you promote them and add them to your product descriptions.

Arouse a Sense of Curiosity

Curiosity is a powerful pointer of motivation. That's because when you use it in your dealings, it makes them buy the product or thing immediately. When you tell them that the sale is ending or the discounted price is only for a limited time, they won't delay the purchase.

One effective way to implement it is by showing real people's reactions as they unboxed and used your product for the first time. They usually exclaimed, "Wow!" And then they'd go on to talk about how everything looked so amazing.

Answer the Question 'WHY'

If you are selling something at a really low price and pushing the person to buy it, they may have second thoughts in their mind. Like, why would you want to offer this product?

The reason is that the human mind is programmed to find answers. Providing satisfactory answers to your customers for the products that address their needs and fear is a great way of influencing their buying decision.

Your sales pitch, contact email, landing pages, ad copies, and cold calls should be aimed at providing your prospects with all the answers related to buying your products and not just purchasing your product. It is best to draft separate emails for different products and schedule them whenever a person buys that thing from you. A repair shop POS software can help in that case. An ideal POS system has the marketing module integrated into it, thus saving you from the effort of sending manual emails every time.

Tell a Story

Imagine you're ordering some food at two different restaurants. At first, the waiter doesn't make any eye contact and doesn't ask about your choices, recommends something special, or gives you your change back on the counter instead of in your hand. At the second, the waiter smiles, chats to you a bit, and gives you your change in your hand. Which restaurant will you choose?

You obviously should greet your customers with a smile. Other than that, you can do different things to warm yourself up to them. For example:

  • Relate something personal about brand or experience.
  • Create a brand design that speaks to your audience.
  • Put a fun, personal twist, or interactive story on your 'About Us' section.
  • Throw in a happy picture of your team if you feel comfortable doing that.
  • Photograph' real testimonials' using your products to make your items more relatable.
  • Include social media links to each product so people can check out what others have said about it (builds trust).
  • Showcase products other people have bought that are related to a particular item.

These things make your customers feel an experience without directly encountering it and lightens up people's emotional brains. That's the point where they decide whether to buy or not. So that is where you as a business owner need to venture into.

What other psychological triggers have you used in your business to generate sales? If you are confused about implementing any of the above strategies in your business or have any questions about how to do so, don't worry. Don't be confused and do the hit and trial method. Good Luck!

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