3 Neat Ways to Beautify a Repaired Smartphone

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3 Neat Ways to Beautify a Repaired Smartphone

Dec 16, 2021, 11:37:24 AM Tech and Science

In many ways, smartphone repair is a straightforward business. If we're talking about the everyday playbook, that is.

As a tech, you open the faulty device. Diagnose the problem. Identify any parts needed. Put in the technical skill to do the fixing. Sew everything back together.

And life is good.

Not so fast - my young (if not in age, then in experience) techy

Once you're done with all these stages, you still need to put the proverbial cherry on top. 

I'm talking dust. Cosmetic-treating. Beautifying.

Whatever you want to call it.

If you don't get this part right, you risk putting some (or even all - if the stakes are high enough) of your efforts to waste. No customer likes the sight or experience of a shoddy repair gig. Even if their device's innards are working in top shape.

So it's clear that you need to do the heavy, afterwards, cleaning. The good old, manual, way. You can't rely on your cell phone repair shop software to get you by on this, that's for sure.

Well, the good news is that, after a short, habit-forming, season, the affair does get easy! Kind of a reflex response to your everyday fixes. Thank the gods of neuroplasticity.

In this blog, I'm listing 3 neat, practical ways in which you can set about the issue the right way. Hacks tried-and-tested to get rave customer reviews. Hide some of the inevitable repair bruising (unavoidable collateral of the trade).

Tricks guaranteed to leave you with the powerful, warm feeling of a good job done. 

So here goes.

1. Do Not Rely on Alcohol, Industrial Cleaners alone - also go H20

Industrial cleaners, most of which contain ethanol, definitely help with device aesthetics. Because of their effervescent nature, they dry quickly. They tend to come non-polar (without charge). And so they're recommended for times when you want to get rid of organic staining and garbage.

Think cell phones dunked in gravy spills. Or motherboard crevices littered with rice crispies dust. Horror shows that no cell phone repair shop software can change. You get the picture.

At the same time, you also want to do some targeted dabbing with clear, distilled water. This treatment helps to get rid of polar (dissolvable) wastes. Salt crystals, and the like, that get stuck in your smartphone's business.

Also, you might want to keep a 50/50 water-alcohol solution handy. Makes for a neat final-touch cleaner that works great with polish.

Sometimes, though, you want to pull up some matter debris resistant to fluid attacks. For this, you need to invest in a quality air sucker - the subject of our next hack.

2. Buy the $10-15 mini vacuum pumps, please

These nifty, desk debris-pullers are total lifesavers. No more dealing with expensive, horsetail, filament brushes. Or pouring over circuit boards with those oblong, microscopic glasses. The ones that make you look like a spring beatle (as my trusty POS software is wont to tell me 😏).

Many of these Walmart favorites come with attached USB cables for instant charges. Great for when you want to plug them in with your repair laptop.

Mini vacuum pumps, further, make up for their price in gold for micro-solderers. Any bad wire job, shot plugs, or solder runs - they're your ultimate, hassle-free, extraction fix!

The trinkets' portability offering heightens their appeal. You can throw them in a bag for on-the-go mends. Or sit on your tabletop for easy reach whenever the need should arise.

A great bargain with long-term dividends.

3. Luster Up with a Good Polish

In my experience, there isn't a smartphone repair job that a good polish coat can't perk.

You know those times when even the latest models seem to lose their shine when opened. Sort of like the soul leaving the body's edifice - let me be poetic.

Well, a decent polish is a great remedy for this.

Only, there's a hack to getting the perfect finish when you're getting down to the application. A cool little trick I chanced on when doing a round of experimentation. And the fun part with this tip: You only need to make do with common kitchen materials.

When you open the polish jar, scoop some out with the back of a spoon into a cup. Add 5 drops of fresh lemon juice. You can also make do with vinegar if citrus is not available. Using the same utensil, start stirring. Whisk the acid, in soft motions, into the polish.

Within a few seconds, you'll notice a significant increase in shine. More gleam against any incident light that falls onto the dye. Courtesy of a chemical reaction that I'm still trying to wrap my head around.

But since it works, I'm not too bothered about the school lesson. In the repair industry, we often don't get the time to put on the student's hat.

So try this trade secret - and thank me later. Many repair pros swear by what I've just outed!

The last (and perhaps the most consequential) embellishment

No matter what stage you're at in your repair shop journey, you can never afford to ignore the final adornment. The part about driving your good service standing home. Making your client feel heard, respected, and cared for.

Now in the tangible sense, this is where you'd want to invest in some quality packaging. Don't just hand a done device over to the depositor as is. Wrap it up carefully with a ribbon and bow. Make an exhibition of your sincere commitment.

Another thing you could do would be to fire up the device processor to check for full functionality. Many repair shop software applications come equipped with these tests. You simply need to hook a device and fire up the system. See how the numbers look against common, ‘full throttle’, benchmarks.

If you didn't already know this, you'd be surprised to learn how many techs disregard this important step. They are not bothered much about how the device fares once it's in the hands of the owning recipient.

At the same time, you want to focus on the emotional plane of the exchange. Be polite and courteous in your client's outlook. Talk with confidence and ease. Your way of speaking, more so than other decorators, can work wonders when nothing else seems to.

I wish you good painting 😄.

Published by Amy Jackson

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