11 Best Car Rental Companies in Switzerland

11 Best Car Rental Companies in Switzerland

Aug 5, 2021, 4:24:51 PM Business

Renting a car is quite faster than public transport. It is quite easy to rent a car, and it helps reduce the money and effort needed to buy a car. The users can very well make use of this opportunity to get a ride at affordable costs. 

Hence renting a car is always associated with many advantages for all those who do not have a car of their own. One of the important highlights is the reduced time offered to the users, and they do not have to wait for the public transport vehicles to arrive and help you reach the destination. 

Moreover, amidst the pandemic, these rental companies ensure safety, and you can easily opt for their sanitized vehicles. Hiring a taxi can cost you more and you end up losing more time in search of one. 

In such situations, opting for a rental car saves additional money, and you can get the feel of traveling in your city in your car.

It is one of the private car rental services that has been operational in Switzerland since 2011. They offer car rental services depending on the customers' requirements, and it is almost suited for all types of day trips or other needs related to businesses.

They provide pick-ups at various places as well as at the airport. Their services are available at affordable prices. The payment modes are quite simple for the user to understand as well. The customers can either make the payment directly to the driver in cash or make the payment via credit cards which can be done in advance. 

This service has been able to get good customer ratings and good reviews from them. Here the driver provides an adequate waiting time for the passengers, and the passengers are free to contact them any time and hence a good communication network can be ensured.

2. Avis

Avis is one of the popular car rental services offered at affordable costs for the users. They provide very good customer care support, and the users can get attractive discounts on their service. 

The users can select the car of their choice and make the payment accordingly. The users get a large discount on their first ride. Satisfying the customer is one of their main objectives, and hence the users can be very well assured with the prices. 

They provide a user-friendly option to schedule their car beforehand, and they can avail themselves of even the complimentary Wi-fi provided along with the service.

It is a car rental service that provides the option of free delivery for their services. The users can select the desired car and the respective car model. The cars will be directly sent to the location as preferred by the users. 

They will provide the users with an executive who can help them with the bookings and other related information. Their customer care is highly dedicated to solving the users' queries, and they will be available for the duration for which the car has been hired. 

They also allow the option to determine your journey's pick-up and drop-off locations and hence provides added flexibility to car renting.

4. Sixt

Sixt has been able to become one of the influential car rental services in Switzerland. They offer their services to many locations. Exclusive offers are also available as per the schedules, and the users can look for these offers at the same time they make the bookings. 

Their services are completely customizable, and they even provide the option to cancel the selected service at any time, depending on the user. 

Their service has been spread over more than a hundred countries, and hence the users can use this opportunity wisely to rent cars for their traveling or business needs.

5. Elite-Rent a Car

They offer services for both premia and high-performance vehicles for the users to make a choice accordingly. All the details of the available cars are available on their specially crafted website for their users, and the users can view the details of the car, such as seating capacity. 

Their service covers the latest models of cars as well, and the users can select a car of their choice after considering their rental needs and the rate considerations. They offer a guarantee for the car model the users choose and hence serve as one of the most comprehensive car rental services. 

6. Enterprise Car-Rental

It is a car rental service where users can rent different cars at low and affordable rates. On becoming an enterprise plus member, the users can even earn points towards free rentals.

All the cars have been provided with upgraded facilities, and the users can select a variety of luxury and compact cars depending on the user's requirements. 

They will help to save the time and money of the users, and hence their rental services have been designed considering the requirements of the users. 

The rental service offers flexibility in the rental lengths as well, and hence the users can rent their cars even for a single day.

7. Europcar

It is a rental service for cars that provides more offers for online bookings. There are a variety of cars ranging from trucks to electric cars and many more. The users can rent the car depending on their needs, such as the users are given the option to rent a car daily or weekly, or even monthly. 

This rental service provides an easy way for canceling the bookings and also view the existing bookings. They provide quick pick-ups and attractive offers for the members. The rental service is spread over in many countries, and hence they are among the popular rental services in Switzerland.

8. Nomadcar

Nomadcar is a car rental service that offers both short and long-term rental services for the users. The users are assured that they get the cars they have booked online, and there is no limit on the distance. 

It removes the hassles of submitting multiple documents for bookings, and hence the users can make the bookings easily. They have well-established customer care support that can meet all the users' needs and clear the queries of the user that they face during bookings. Another highlight with the service is that no hidden charges are charged from the users.

9. Sunnycars Car Rental

They provide rental car options for different users. The rental services are provided without hassles, and special rental experts are also provided during the rentals. They provide carefree driving for many locations in more than a hundred countries. 

They will arrange everything for the users and provide the users with the best rental services. The users can demand all the details of the car that they have rented from their service. The users can also customize their car; for example, they can add a child seat on demand and fulfill any such requirements from the user's part.

10. Hertz Car Rental

Their rental service provides more than a thousand varieties of cars for the users. There are offers for members as well. It offers a hassle-free booking for the users so that they can avail the best rental services. The users can also cancel their reservations or even modify their bookings. 

They have cars that can suit the budget constraints of the users. The users can schedule the reservation of their desired car and can take the car to different locations. Special care has been ensured for the various cars in their service. So the users can make their selection from a large list of cars.

11. Dollar Car Rental

It is a rental car service that can offer suitable pickups, and the users can easily save time with their service. The users can easily view, modify or even cancel the bookings they have made, and at the same time, safety is offered for every service. 

There are no limits set on the mileage, and hence it is quite convenient for the users to rent a car from their service. The users can save more and also try different luxury cars from this rental service easily. The users can even rent a car from different locations, and hence it presents a good experience to the users.

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