Drink Your Greens !

Planning on starting to eat healthier? Trust me, there is no better way than with a green smoothie per day.

My friends are always asking me how I can drink those green zombies without vomiting. Well I guess they haven't tried my recipes in order to make them delicious and yummy.
Don't judge by the color, even if you don't like eating veggies, I am very sure that you will enjoy this smoothie, and it will be your first thought in the morning.

Green smoothies are super healthy and they are great for those who want to lose a couple of pounds and get that bikini body on point. If you consume a green smoothie per day, you will get your daily greens, so you won't have to bother yourself with eating "grass" the rest of the day.

Ofcourse, how you make the green smoothies is very important. I was struggling for months to get the perfect recipe and the perfect content, but once you find it,  you will fall in love!

During these summer days, you can prepare a green smoothie as breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a dessert. Honestly, I think there's no bad timing on when to have a smoothie. I am a smoothie lover, so if you ask me, I would live on smoothies for days.

Let's get back to my green smoothie recipe..... The standard well known combination is water, yogurt or almond/soy milk as liquid, combined with kale, spinach, or broccoli. I know you're making an "eww" face now, but wait for the best part. None of these veggies give taste to the smoothie, they just give the color and the nutrients you need. And that's amazing, because most of you are not really big fans of broccoli, kale, spinach or any other "MUM SAID IT'S GOOD FOR ME" veggies.img_0421

Usually I start my day with this nutrient-rich smoothie bowl. Avocado, kale, cucumber and water. Sometimes I also add pear to give it just enough sweetness.

What we all want and need is a smoothie that doesn't actually feel like a meal, but will still offer nutrients that are perfect for nourishing the body. That will give you enough energy and will make you feel perfect because you are moving one step forward with your "eating clean" regime.

This green smoothie is a win-win combination.


1 avocado

1 banana

1 cup of spinach

1 cup of kale

1 cup of water

1 peach
Let's blend !

Published by Ana Najdovska


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